Why Not Share The Limelight And Stage Your Own Vintage Royal Party?

Foremost, Fashion fever is in the air, with VIPs and their stunning collections vying for attention on the world’s stage. Vintage usually plays its part in fashion, whether in design or accessories. A hint of the 20s through to the 80s can be spotted on the catwalk; fashion repeats itself continuously. Will the beautiful Kate wear a touch of Vintage on a great day? The bets are on, and the odds are that she will. Ruby with Roses has a cunning plan – why not share the limelight and stage your vintage royal party?

Image Courtesy of Ruby with Roses
Image Courtesy of Ruby with Roses

Invite your guests to arrive dressed in vintage clothing (any era), whatever their hearts desire. Seat your guests comfortably in front of the TV, then bring on your piéce de résistance, beautiful English vintage china hired from the premier company – Ruby with Roses. Serve your guest’s tempting little morsels from pretty plates followed by tea or coffee taken from delicate cups.

This attention to detail will provide the right ambience for your royal party. Your guests can enjoy watching the royal spectacle unfold, discussing fashion statements and faux pás. Finally, a toast to the happy couple for a long and happy life together, and all will be well that ends well. For a memorable wedding party that will be dressed to please to take advantage of our special 10% discount on any order placed before the Royal wedding date

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