5 Exclusive Tips On The Best Exercises For Brides To Be

QVC fitness expert Jill Franks has given us 5 of the best exercises for brides to be who want to get in shape for their big day.

Finding exercise you enjoy is half the battle.  Zumba has taken the world by storm and has had incredible results with weight loss. You are exercising, toning and losing weight without focusing on your body relentlessly but enjoying a workout you can’t wait to be part of  and then seeing the results  is even more motivating. Alberto Perez understands we want to have fun but have a body we are proud of. Zumba has gripped the nation and this specially designed home DVD set has all your need to get into the Zumba Zone of Latin rhythms.  Check out QVC item number 433019 – Zumba Fitness Workout with 4 DVDs & 2 Toning Sticks.

Wedding Excercise
Zumba Fitness Workout with 4 DVD’s, 2 Toning Sticks & Instruction Booklet £44.00

A toned healthy body in the dress of your dreams is a look we inspire too. It should be very easy to design your body for the look you want. It’s about looking toned and not heavily sculpted. Focus on your upper arms, shoulders, back, abs and legs. I hear you panic, my gosh so many key areas to work on and not enough time.  That’s the beauty of the Pilates  Spacemate – QVC item number 432838- Pilates Spacemat Portable Pilates Gym in a Bag with  Resistance Cords, Mat & DVD.  I have given this to so many brides leading up to their wedding day. I call it Pilates in a pouch or Pilates for a pooch !! It focuses on all the key areas at any one time without having to individual exercises. All you need it as door, no gym, no trainer and no extra fees.

Wedding Excercise
Pilates Spacemate Portable Pilates Gym in a Bag with Resistance Cords,Mat & DVD

We all need to be doing a little cardio not just for a healthy body but also a healthy mind. I know treadmills can be a dread and high impact on the joints and a walk in the park isn’t always the easiest walk to achieve with the weather being so unpredictable. Stress is a big part of planning a wedding and its vital we feel alert and full of energy. Lesley Sansone is a huge fitness expert in the USA and she has just hit the UK with an idea that all started from taking classes in a church hall. Lesley Sansones walking regime can be done in a small space with great results. It’s based on not just walking but healthy delicious eating menus. It begins with a 2 mile building up to  a 3 then a 4 mile walk. Walking is great thinking time. She has cleverly added toning bands with this 21 day programme. QVC item number 433122 – Lesley Sansone Walk at Home Programme

Clear healthy skin is vital. Exercise will be a big part of glowing skin but a few tips are to drink plenty of water and even take some vitamin tables for a boost and all those anti oxidants.

Wedding Weightloss tips
Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home 7 DVD Programme

An essential tip is not to try and do everything all at once.  Don’t be impatient and run before you can walk,. Take small steps  to what I hope will become a lifestyle and not just a fad. Yes it’s for the most important day of your life but it’s also for the future and your family. You have worked so hard to get this far don’t give it all up . As soon as you feel the excuses kicking in change your regime and  make it more exciting. Include family and friends in this wonderful new lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be about training everyday and becoming obsessed with your new life it’s about maintain it and being happy. Remember you have one life and one body, so please be kind to it and treat it with kid gloves and it will reward in more ways than you could ever wish for in life.

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