Wedding Planning + Wedding Fairs

wedding-planningWith very little effort you have access to a wide source of wedding information for your wedding planning.  So why don’t you stay organised with a good help system for all your wedding planning?  From magazines to swatches and photos to help you create ideas for your wedding day.  You can find information in many places, here is a wedding guide on how to resource your wedding information.

Wedding Fairs – There are suppliers from all aspects of the wedding industry who are available and ready to answer all your wedding questions.  You can watch fashion shows to see the latest dresses, and suits and bridal party outfits. My favourite wedding show has to be the Designer Wedding Show

Online Wedding Directories– Many websites are affiliated with large bridal magazines and offer everything from details of local suppliers to accessories.  The chat rooms are a great place to share advice and give opinions on wedding planning.  However, for all time Luxury Wedding Planning Guide see 5 Star Wedding Directory from designer wedding cakes to bespoke luxury wedding dresses this luxury resource has it all.

Publications -There are countless magazines and books devoted only to cakes, flowers, dresses or honeymoons, or magazines that cover the whole range of wedding planning with actual real-life weddings of couples. My favourite source for quality wedding suppliers is the Vogue Bridal Directory.

Wedding Planner – If you are using a professional wedding planner, take advantage of their whole wedding planning experience and the great connections they may have.  As you will be trusting them to organise your wedding day, you will be able to trust their opinions on wedding suppliers also. Victoria James organises the most stylish weddings you will ever see.

Other Brides – One of the best wedding sources you can find is other brides. They will be able to talk to you about their wedding day on what to do and what not to do. I still love talking about my wedding day and like to share my experiences with the wedding planning and the wedding day itself.