Weddings at The Four Seasons Canary Wharf

Are you planning a romantic City of London wedding? then look no further than the jewel that is The Four Seasons Canary Wharf. Having spent a lovely weekend at the hotel, it was an absolute pleasure to give our readers an insight into the amazing work that Tekeyo Bodie, wedding specialist at The Four Seasons does when planning a dream wedding.

5 Star Weddings: What makes The Four Seasons Hotel the perfect wedding venue?

Tekeyo Bodie: Nestled in the Eastside of London, the Four Seasons Canary Wharf has an ideal River location that makes for amazing and stunning views of the River Thames and especially for Wedding Photos.

5 Star Weddings: Can you tell us a bit about your previous role as The Four Season Wedding Planner in the Bahamas?

Tekeyo Bodie: As a Four Seasons Wedding Planner in the Bahamas there was always a different challenge as Brides taste and designs were always different and unique. Weddings were planned from the booking of guest accommodation, the desired location at the Resort or offsite, menu planning, transfers, rehearsal dinners, event designing and most importantly the execution of the event.

5 Star Weddings: Can you tell me what the most elaborate wedding that you have organised at The Four Seasons Hotel?

Tekeyo Bodie: The most elaborate wedding that I have hosted consisted of 3 days of none stop celebrations, huge food display from around the world, a world-renowned DJ flew in from New York’s hottest nightclub and rare orchids were the order of the day.

Wedding Reception at Four Seasons
Four Seasons Canary Wharf

5 Star Weddings: Can you tell us more about The Four Seasons Wedding Magazine you publish?

Tekeyo Bodie: The magazine is published quarterly by a team of Wedding Specialists and it is packed full with trends, inspirational tips, style advice, and of course great photography and fashion.

5 Star Weddings: Have you had any unusual requests from brides?

Tekeyo Bodie: I have received many unusual requests and it is always a joy delivering and exceeding the couple’s expectations.

Ballroom At The Four Seasons
Ballroom At The Four Seasons

Tekeyo Bodie: We provide a full customised service from start to finish. We try to assist the guest with every detail that will help their day be a smashing success. From floral ideas, colour palettes, menu planning we even go as far as making suggestions for jewelers for the special rings.

Four Seasons Weddings
Wedding Reception At Four Seasons

5 Star Weddings: How far in advance should the bride and groom book your venue?

Tekeyo Bodie: Venue should be booked at least 9 -12 months in advance as the demands are greater than previous years.

5 Star Weddings: What’s the best bit about being a wedding planner?

Tekeyo Bodie: You get to express your passion through the dreams of the Bride, and it gives you great joy to see the long lasting smile on her face on her Special Day.

Four Seasons London
Weddings At Four Season Canary Wharf

5 Star Weddings: Are you able to share with us any celebrity couples that have had a wedding at your venue?

Tekeyo Bodie: While I have done many Celebrity Weddings I wouldn’t be able to make mention of the couples. What I can share is that the couples were very laid back and allow me to lead them into a Happy ever afterlife of happiness.

5 Star Weddings: In your opinion what make a 5 Star Wedding?

Tekeyo Bodie: Endless possibilities, being on the riverfront, mouth watering food, creating connections, detailed seamless service and a relaxing atmosphere.

Thank you so much for your time and insight for your wonderful 5-star venue…

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