Why Are Healthy Honeymoons Becoming A Trend For Newlyweds ?

Paul Joseph is co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel, the leading experts in tailor-made healthy holidays worldwide. He searches for the rare and hidden gems around the world and puts together exclusive and trend-setting holidays for those who would like to improve or maintain their health and fitness whilst on holiday.

As well as a love of all things travel, Paul’s other love is exercise, cycling and yoga. Paul also contributes to the travel pages of various high-profile newspapers and magazines where he offers his expert advice on wellness holidays. 

5 Star Weddings: What is a healthy honeymoon?

Paul Joseph: The first of their kind in offering a comprehensive collection of worldwide honeymoons with a wellness focus, Healthy Honeymoons, invite newlyweds to begin married life on a variety of luxury well-being escapes; from holistic beach spa honeymoons in the Caribbean, to active adventure honeymoons in Asia and cultural wellness honeymoons in Europe. If the groom wants fitness and adventure but the bride would prefer spa and yoga, we can combine both for our clients with all of our healthy honeymoons tailor-made to suit each individual couple.

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5 Star Weddings: Why are healthy honeymoons becoming an emerging trend in the travel industry?

Paul Joseph: With more people conscious about leading a healthy and active lifestyle, the wellness travel industry is growing with increasing momentum and this experience is now something couples search for when looking for a honeymoon. Newlyweds now have an appetite for wellness honeymoons where they can enhance their well-being whilst being pampered with luxury spa treatments, keeping active with a range of sports and exercise classes, eating nutritiously delicious food and immersing themselves in nature’s bounty.

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5 Star Weddings: Why are couples seeking more experiential honeymoons?

Paul Joseph: Following the rise of the adventure honeymoon, more couples are moving away from the traditional slow-paced relaxation breaks, and are looking to fill their honeymoon with richer experiences. Whether learning to cook healthy Vietnamese cuisine on a cultural honeymoon in Southeast Asia, or white water rafting and zip lining on an adventure honeymoon in Costa Rica, couples are looking to discover new experiences they will remember and share for years to come.

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5 Star Weddings: Why are attitudes changing among newlyweds with more not content to fly & flop?

Paul Joseph: Attitudes have changed amongst newlyweds with more no longer content to laze pool or beachside, but wanting to return from their honeymoon feeling healthier, fitter and spiritually richer. Nowadays, many couples have been together for a number of years before getting married and having already done the typical fly & flop holidays, so when searching for their honeymoon are  looking for a different experience. 

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5 Star Weddings: Why will Healthy Honeymoons revolutionise the way couples begin their happily-ever-after?

Paul Joseph: Healthy Honeymoons will prepare newlyweds to embark on the journey that is married life, not in sickness, but in health. Revolutionising the honeymoon industry with an all-encompassing wellness focus, our hand-selected wellness retreats offer the best from the latest fitness experiences (including SUP yoga, TRX training and aqua spinning) to specialist spa and spiritual therapies (including Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Reiki). Insight and knowledge from Health and Fitness Travel experts on how to plan a dream healthy honeymoon will have couples beginning married life in better shape. 

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5 Star Weddings: What are the most popular types of healthy honeymoons?

Paul Joseph: Our beach wellness honeymoons add a healthy twist to a popular honeymoon classic, with couples able to combine beach side relaxation with well-being through luxury spa treatments, water sports and sunrise beach yoga classes. Our cultural wellness honeymoons and adventure wellness honeymoons are also popular choices amongst newlyweds. 

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5 Star Weddings: How can healthy honeymoons enhance a couples’ marriage?

Paul Joseph: Being fit and healthy can improve our lives not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally, making it a key ingredient for a happy and healthy marriage. As well as increasing energy levels and reducing stress, exercising together can strengthen your emotional bond as a couple, whether with a game of tennis, a yoga class or a healthy hike in the great outdoors. Healthy honeymoons provide newlyweds with their best start for a long, healthy and happy life together.

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5 Star Weddings: Why do couples want to begin married life healthy and fit?

Paul Joseph:  After all the hard work in the lead up to the wedding, more couples are falling in love with the healthy way of living, where keeping active has become part of their daily routine. Not wanting to throw in the towel on fitness as soon as the wedding band hits their finger, many couples want to begin married life as the best versions of themselves. Looking and feeling fit and healthy is no longer a goal resigned solely to the wedding day but is a lifestyle couples want to maintain throughout their marriage, both for themselves and their partner. 

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5 Star Weddings: Can honeymooners combine an active honeymoon with time to relax on the beach or by the pool?

Paul Joseph: Whether you choose a fitness or luxury spa focus, all of our healthy honeymoons are tailor-made to suit each individual couple, meaning you can be as active or relaxed as you like. From Italy to Vietnam, we created our cultural wellness honeymoons so couples can combine cultural tour discovery with wellness retreat recovery at a range of inspiring worldwide destinations. Choose from an exciting range of excursions and tours, including rainforest hikes and city tours, before recovering at a secluded wellness retreat with luxurious spa treatments and plenty of time for beach and pool side relaxation.

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5 Star Weddings: Why are more honeymooners looking to combine multiple destinations on their honeymoon?

Paul Joseph: Increasing numbers of newlyweds are now choosing to take longer breaks and turn their honeymoon into the trip of a lifetime by taking the opportunity to see the world with a honeymoon to multiple destinations. Whether island hopping around Southeast Asia or stopping off in France before discovering different corners of Italy, our worldwide Multimoons allow couples to tailor-make their dream honeymoon escape. With our wide collection of healthy honeymoons, newlyweds can do one better by combining multiple destinations with multiple honeymoon pursuits – begin with an active water sports honeymoon in the Caribbean before unwinding on a yoga honeymoon in India.

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