Wine Serving Suggestions For The Wedding

With the Autumn wedding season now in full swing, Gallo Family Vineyards has the perfect selection of warming red wines and hearty serving suggestions to create a tasty toasty occasion in the warmth of your own home.

Wedding Wine Gifts
Wedding Wine Gifts

With three individual classic reds in the Gallo family, each with their own unique character and taste, there is a wine varietal that will appeal to every palette.

For those that like it fruity, Gallo Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon is packed with berries to create fruity flavours or for a softer red with a velvety smooth finish try Gallo Family Vineyards Pinot  Noir. Or pack a flavour punch to your taste buds with the big flavour of Gallo Family VineyardsMerlot.

For further suggestions of partners to perfect your cosy night in:

Gallo Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon: With aromas of black cherry, a hint of spiciness, and layers of vanilla with a lingering fruit finish. This wine succeeds admirably with thick cuts of prime rib, juicy oven-roasted lamb or spicy Asian dishes.

Gallo Family Vineyards Pinot Noir: Flavours of cherries, raspberries and spice mean this wine compliments grilled pork loin, seafood or Pad Thai noodle dishes.

Gallo Family Vineyards Merlot: Rich aromas and flavours of dark cherry with hints of mocha make this a perfect partner for grilled meats, Mediterranean dishes or spicy red sauces.

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