The wedding ring. Symbolic of the eternal love that encircles you. And probably the most precious piece of jewellery you will own.

So choosing the perfect pairing of wedding and engagement rings is important. And once the engagement ring is firmly in place, the wedding ring decision isn’t far behind. There are many choices to make and things to think about – it needs to compliment the engagement ring without overshadowing it and sit neatly next to it – a flawless duet. To give you some inspiration for that all important decision, here’s some of our top wedding ring choices of the moment.

Platinum, gold, white gold, rose gold…? All stunning in their own way. It’s best to match the engagement ring, however, to avoid uneven wear on the rings, and also to ensure they look stunning together.

We simply adore this offering from jewellery royalty De Beers. You know you can be assured of a timeless classic with De Beers, and this stunningly pretty Adonis Rose is just so elegant. Inspired by Aphrodite’s love for her Adonis, this unique band is crafted in platinum and bezel set with marquise diamonds and pavé round brilliant diamonds. Beautiful.

A sweet and mythical piece from De Beers

Harry Winston’s V shape band is another gorgeous choice. Perfect for sitting below a large solitaire diamond as the V shape will gently curve round the stone and just elevate its sparkle. It’s really important that your wedding and engagement rings are a perfect fit, so make sure you try out the rings together to see how they look before making a decision.

A sweet V for a perfect fit

If you want something a bit different, we love this quirky ‘Be’ Boodles ring. With the platinum and rose gold metals sitting effortlessly together, we can’t help thinking it symbolises the joining of two into one. What a lovely reminder to wear forever on your hand.

Elegantly combining two beautiful colours into one perfect ring

And we just love this simple ‘Kiss’ diamond wedding band from Boodles. A perfect marriage of platinum and diamonds – ideal for your perfect marriage!

A simple combination – diamonds and platinum

There’s nothing wrong with adding a splash of colour to your wedding ring. Like Tiffany’s platinum band with a half circle of pink sapphires and diamonds. It is just so pretty, and if you choose the colour to match your wedding palette, it’ll remind you of your special day forever. What a perfect lasting memory.

A pretty pop of colour

How sweet is this heart shaped diamond ring?! It’s definitely got it all – romance, sparkle and a gorgeous platinum setting. You’ll definitely want to show this one off.

A heart from Harry Winston

And now for the boys…

If you’re after something a bit striking and altogether different, there’s a multitude of different designs and materials that the grooms are favouring at the moment.

First there’s the eye catching Zalium and white gold ring from Harry Winston. Light and extremely durable, your man can wear it whatever he’s doing – and the diamond makes a lovely little accent sparkle.

A striking Zalium design

And what about this fabulous Tungsten piece. One of the world’s toughest metals, a Tungsten ring will stand out from the common gold or platinum offerings. And we love the secret blue inside!

Slick and tough – Tungsten Carbide

Why not go for something a bit different? Design your own – incorporate your fingerprint into the design so there’s always a part of you with him.

The personal touch

And how about a beautiful classic diamond ring – this Harry Winston piece is definitely a winner for us.

A classic, sparkly number for a special man

Just like the bride’s accent colour ring, why not match it with the groom’s equivalent? This cool titanium ring with a rainbow accent colour is just fab.

A gorgeous accent colour nestled into strong titanium

Rings are highly personal and will be with you for life, so whatever you decide on, make sure you choose together, and with love, so that every time you gaze at that special ring, you are reminded of the promises you made on your special day.