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Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration

A touch of pink. Photo: Elizabeth's Cake Emporium

Winter is such a magical time of year to get married. Planning a winter wedding means you can indulge your snow princes’s fantasies of winter wonderlands – an icy pure white occasion or fireside cosiness with warm winter textures. There are so many choices and decisions to make – winter colour palettes, textures, locations – all these must work together seamlessly to ensure the perfect day. So we’ve put together our seasonal winter inspiration to give you some ideas.

025 300x450 1 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
What a backdrop for a winter wedding! Photo: James Christianson Photographer

Colour Palettes

You may be planning on travelling to a gorgeously picturesque snowy landscape. This will mean you can be really bold with your colour choices. Think about the contrast with the snow. A pure white dress looks beautiful against the crisp white snow, and why not go for a daring black or red for your chosen colour. Picking just one hue means there’s no fussing with tones and highlights. It lets the landscape speak for itself and provides one bold, contrasting colour. Your photographs will look stunning outside – just don’t forget a beautiful wrap or stole – a good excuse for another accessory!

102 450x300 1 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Black and white – a perfect combination Photo: James Christianson
brinton 4 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Co-ordinating wraps are a must! Photo: Brinton Studios

Or you could simply go for a pure, colour free wedding! We love this beautifully designed décor. The interest is created by the texture of the fluffy feathers, sparkling crystals and shining silver accents. Leave your guests to provide the colour!

shakirova julia 4 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
A fluffy white dream! Photo: Shakirova Julia
shakirova julia 3 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Pure white fantasy Photo: Shakirova Julia

If you love gentle delicate tones, why not pick an off-white palette – hints of blue or pink alongside the white will bring some warmth and eye-catching detail.

The gown

Ok, so maybe you’re not planning a snow laden hillside retreat for your big day. But you definitely need to plan for the weather to be cold – pretty much a certainty, so one less thing to worry about! This means you have the luxury of being able to choose a heavier, more indulgent fabric if you wish. Silk satins and heavier lace details will feel completely appropriate for the colder weather. And don’t be afraid of a bold embellishment to really add some interest and sparkle. Or how about a fluffy marabou trim…?

herinterestcom - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration

If you just want to stand out on a cloudy day or snowy hillside, why not flip the colour accent? Choose a bold, striking dress and accent with dazzling white. Your guests certainly won’t be expecting that!

herinterest.com 2 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Striking red will make a vivid bride!

A winter wedding doesn’t automatically mean a sleeved dress, but it does make sense! However, if you have your heart set on a strapless or capped sleeved gown, just remember a suitable cover-up – you’re bound to be outside at some point. Stole, bolero, cape, shrug… even a coordinated full-length coat will make sure you stay toasty warm. We love this soft cosy crossover cardigan. And the addition of mittens is just really snuggly fun!

nashasvadba.ua 2 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Cosy coordinated knits
elizabeth millay photography - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
A super soft stole will keep the chill out. Photo Elizabeth Millay Photography

Wrap up warmWrap up warm

nashasvadba.ua  - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Wrap up warm

If you dream of having photos outside whatever the weather, why not prepare a cute hot chocolate station for guests – don’t forget the rum…!

brinton studios 2 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Warm up after outdoor photos with a hot chocolate station Photo: Brinton Studios
brinton studios 3 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Plenty of hot chocolate extras! Photo: Brinton Studios

The cake

If you choose to embrace the winter white palette, there’s so much you can do with a white wedding cake. Sugar details, textures, pretty embellishments and intricate designs will make a white cake really stand out.

james christianson 3 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Simple decoration adds interest to a clean, pure white iced cake. Photo: James Christianson
canary grey 2 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Sprinkle on some sparkle. Pearls make a gorgeous cake decoration. Photo: Canary Grey

A touch of colour is such a pretty addition and can perfectly match your colour palette whilst still letting you indulge in your pure white cake fantasy!

cake - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
A touch of pink. Photo: Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

Or create a visual spectacle with a burst of colour on a pure white cake. Who doesn’t love a touch of ombre? Gorgeous.

jeremy at harwell photography wow factor cakes - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Ombre ruffles are simply divine. Photo: Jeremy at Hartwell Photography. Cake: Wow Factor Cakes
mango studios bobetter belle - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Ombre flowers are a stunning embellishment to a gorgeously detailed cake. Photo: Mango Studios. Cake: Bobette & Belle

The Flowers

We might sound like a broken record, but you can’t go wrong with beautiful white blooms for a winter wedding. Get creative and add pinecones, sparkles and foliage to create interest.

Sally Lacock Bouquets 03 1024x536 1 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Accent your bouquet with some seasonal interest. Photo: Sally Lacock

Or choose a pale tone to liven up the displays.

shakirova julia 5 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Subtle peach tones elevate the white decor. Photo: Shakirova Julia

Or go rustic with a satisfying bunch of seasonal brights.

rebekah j murray 3 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Subtle peach tones elevate the white decor. Photo: Shakirova Julia
rebekah j murray 2 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
…and buttonholes to match. Photo: Rebekah J Murray


Winter weddings have the difficult debate of practicality vs style. Keeping your toes toasty or keeping them beautifully adorned… Well, we see this as the perfect opportunity for a whole wardrobe of shoes for different sections of the day.

There’s no point in ruining a perfectly good pair of Choos in the puddles, so if your hemline covers your toes, opt for a practical pair of shoes whilst you’re outside. Snow = snowboots. Rain = wellies.

brinton - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Keep those toes toasty! Photo: Brinton Studios
country house outdoor - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Make sure they coordinate! Photo: Country House Outdoor
rebekah j murray 4 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Vintage classics. Photo: Rebekah J Murray

And if you just want to go sensible, a pair of vintage boots will provide some perfect cosy comfort while you’re out in the elements. And then….

Once you’re inside, slip into something a little more… sparkly…

001arisxu crystal extrashot 1038x1038 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Ice is nice. Choose some crystal drenched Jimmy Choos.
ChristianLouboutinweddingshoe - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Slip on some sparkles. Beautiful Louboutins covered in glitter.
valentino 1038x692 - Wonderful Winter Wedding Inspiration
Gorgeous Valentinos

Inspired? Why not pop over to our directory to have a look at some snowy wedding destinations? With all the ice and snow, your radiant sparkle of happiness will fit right it!

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