Luxury Car Hire – Arrive in Style

Rolls RoyceLuxury Car Hire: How to arrive at your wedding in style.

Traditionally the groom books the wedding day transport, but these days we are finding brides tend to be involved in the decision-making process too.

There is so much choice on the market it is a good idea to sit down together and select a short list of your ideal transport and then start your search. Many brides dream of a horse-drawn carriage on their big day and it certainly is the perfect option for a princess fairy tale wedding. However, it can be an expensive choice and you have to bare in mind the unpredictability if the British weather so has a backup plan in case it pours down.

The most popular choices for wedding day transport is to the luxury car hire route, i.e., Rolls Royce, Mercedes and Limousine. These are classic cars in the stylish shade, such as silver or white, are a wonderful way to arrive at your venue and make the ceremony seem extra special right from the start.

If the bride is wearing a full-skirted gown it is wise to check there is enough space in the rear of the car to accommodate it with ease, though most upmarket cars will have seats that can recline to create extra room.

When hiring your car ask to see the actual model that you will be transported in and check you are happy with it.

Also, ask if you can have the car decorated with flowers and ribbons, and whether the car hire company will do this for you.

Finally, you will have to decide how many cars you will need for the wedding party, do you just want one car to transport you and your father to the wedding venues and you and your husband to be from the venue, or will you need a couple of cars to move around the whole wedding party ?

If you want something a little different then there are lots of fun alternatives you can consider to ensure you arrive at your wedding venue with a smile on your face.

Some choices that real life brides have told us about include a pink 1950s Cadillacs, vintage gangster style cars and even a red double-decker bus, perfect for moving around the entire wedding party.

If you are looking for something really different then how about a brightly coloured camper van? this is the dream vehicle if you want to drive off into the sunset together- you could even spend your first night in it or why not spend your honeymoon touring Europe in it?

A classic sports car such as an MG or Austin Healey, is a fun choice, though make sure mechanically sound and don’t break down on the day, you don’t want to be late getting to the service!