Your Wedding: Who to Invite?

If you have not already discovered it, you will very quickly see how difficult it is to decide who to invite to the wedding and the reception, if there is no financial ability to invite them all. Who to leave out, the second cousin of your father-with whom he is very close, the brother of your father , with whom you speak only for formal reasons, your colleague from the previous job or the head chief of your friend, to whom you owe because he suggested you in your current job? So how do you decide whom you will invite to the wedding? Here you will find some tips that will help you choose whom to invite to your marriage. This way you will be able to look after years, at the wedding photos with your friends and remember the beautiful moments you spent together.

wedding invite

Things are difficult enough, but you will need to decide early enough who to invite to a wedding, so that you do not displease many, and not let off the list people that you’re more confident that will come to your wedding; you also need to figure out which ones you are more compelled to call, while not going off-budget. 

 Invite whomever you want and not just anyone that you “should”, because above all this is your wedding! Make a list of people whom you really love and want them close in such an important time for you. Choose the people that their presence will make this day even more important and fun.

Also it is a good idea is to only invite people with whom you regularly are in contact. For example if you haven’t talked to someone for years there is no need to invite them to your wedding. Do not invite colleagues who do not like

It is not necessary to invite all your colleagues from work or your boss or your manager. If you work in a very good working environment with few but good colleagues, you can invite them but if your job is in a big company you do not need to invite all the employees, since this will result in a very expensive wedding. After all, there is no reason why you should invite people that are not close to you, even if it happens that you share a few hours together each day.

Many times the guests bring along their children. Of course, this will increase the cost of your wedding significantly and some children can disrupt the wedding ceremony. So if you do not want a lot of children at your wedding, tell your guests when sending the wedding invites that this only for adults and if it is easy to leave their children at home, or bring them to the reception and not the actual ceremony. This will be a wonderful opportunity for them to enjoy their wedding without being concerned of children.

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