Gable End, Wiltshire, England SN15 2EQ, United Kingdom

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Gable End, Wiltshire, England SN15 2EQ, United Kingdom


Welcome to Maxine Ward Celebrant, where we craft ceremonies that truly reflect your unique journey of love. Specializing in personalized celebrations, Maxine ensures your special day is memorable, blending tradition with your personal touch.

Envision the perfect ceremony that embodies beauty, elegance, and romance, enriched with words that profoundly express the depth of your connection. This is the vision I aim to bring to life for you. The ceremony captivates the eyes and resonates with the soul, showcasing the boundless love you share with the world.

Every love story is distinct, marked by its own set of experiences, emotions, and memories. Your ceremony should mirror this distinctiveness, celebrating the journey that is uniquely yours. The ceremonies I craft are meticulously tailored, ensuring no two are alike. They are woven with the threads of your individual stories, shared dreams, and the moments that define you as a couple. Whether recounting the serendipitous day you met, integrating cherished family traditions, or incorporating cultural rituals honouring your heritage, the ceremony will reflect your narrative.

Maxine Ward Celebrant

We can also explore the inclusion of personalized vows or special rituals that bind you closer to each other and involve your loved ones in meaningful ways. This is an opportunity to celebrate your love while acknowledging your families' and friends' support and bond.

Photographs will undoubtedly capture the visible beauty of your day, but the words I compose will etch the essence of your love in your hearts forever. These words will not just speak; they will resonate. They will not merely declare but pledge a commitment that transcends time. They will whisper the sweet promises of a future together, reflecting your shared vision and embodying the essence of you as a couple. Let's create a deeply heard and felt ceremony, leaving an indelible mark on your hearts and those who witness your love.

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Gable End, Wiltshire, England SN15 2EQ, United Kingdom
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wedding Celebrant?

A wedding celebrant is a professional who performs your wedding ceremony. I will work closely with you to craft a bespoke ceremony, providing the creative freedom to make your day exactly as you envision. Whether you wish to include traditional elements, involve your family, or incorporate special rituals like handfasting, your ceremony will be uniquely tailored to you.

How does a Wedding Celebrant work?

  • Your first consultation: Whether you have a clear vision or need inspiration, our first meeting will cover everything from creative ideas to practical details such as dates, times, terms and conditions, and fees.
  • Let’s get started: I'll send a questionnaire to kickstart the planning process, encouraging discussions with your partner, family, and friends about what would make your day perfect.
  • The creative process: With your input from the questionnaire, we'll meet to plan your unique ceremony.
  • The plan: A clear plan will be established, detailing roles, timelines, and key dates. I coordinate with your wedding planner, photographer, and venue to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Delivering the ceremony: I'll write and finalize the script and logistics.
  • On the day: I'll arrive early to liaise with your planner/host, check in with you and anyone involved in the ceremony, welcome your guests, and then lead the ceremony, creating a memorable and magical moment.

Where can a celebrant ceremony take place?

The beauty of a celebrant ceremony is its versatility; it can be held almost anywhere. Be it on a beach, on a boat, in woodlands, in a luxurious hotel, or even in your garden, the choice is yours, allowing for a highly personal and meaningful setting before or after the legal formalities at a registry office.

What can we have in our ceremony?

A celebrant-led ceremony offers immense flexibility and creativity. You can personalize your ceremony with various elements that reflect your values, beliefs, and personalities:

  • Opening Words: A warm welcome and tone-setting by the celebrant.
  • Readings/Poems: Choose readings that are significant to you, whether romantic, humorous, religious, or secular.
  • Vows: Express your commitment through traditional vows, personalized promises, or a mix of both.
  • Ring Exchange: A timeless symbol of love and commitment.
  • Unity Rituals: Symbolize the joining of your lives with activities like sand ceremonies, candle lighting, or tree planting.
  • Music: Incorporate songs with special meaning, from live performances to recorded tracks.
  • Personalized Touches: Include anecdotes, inside jokes, or cultural traditions that reflect your relationship.
  • Blessings/Prayers: Add spiritual or religious elements if desired.
  • Declaration of Marriage: The official moment when you are declared married.
  • Closing Words: Concluding remarks from the celebrant, wishing you well for your future together.

This flexibility means your ceremony can be as unique and personal as your love story.

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