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Who am I? Discovering new faces, places and sensations makes me the curious, the dreamer and the visual storyteller that I am. My name is Alice and I’m Videographer and Destination Wedding photographer with authentic, natural and emotional style.

I have accumulated professional experience as a photojournalist and a video reporter and making documentary stories I had to have the privilege to share and tell a lot of exciting, joyful and suffering lives. Along these past years my photographic and short-movie projects have been published in several international magazines: Planeta Futuro El Pais, New York Times, Washington Post, Open Society Foundations, World Photography Organization blog, Der Spiegel, Dein Spiegel, Foto8, Gioia, Internazionale, Whitness Journal and others.

Kaleidos Wedding

I have lived in the Middle East, Milan, Kolkata, London and currently I live and love Spain, Madrid, where I have created Kaleidos Wedding, working especially in Europe between Italy (Sardinia), Spain (Madrid) and UK (London) Kaleidos Wedding.

The philosophy of Kaleidos Wedding can be condensed into two complementary principles. Firstly, a soul inspired by the history of the reportage, in which the photographer tries to capture spontaneous and unrepeatable moments. Secondly, it is inspired by the history of the family portrait photography, where the composition is intentionally planned.

Kaleidos Wedding

The visual storytelling needs to move between the emotions and the compositional planning. I like to create a cinematographic atmosphere between you, with natural or artificial light, the appropriate dressing and the best location. The job of the photographer isn’t only to tell stories with the camera but also to create and decide with you the general aesthetic of your wedding.

My objective is to tell a story, your story. Careful planning and then photograph the spontaneity of the emotions. I briefly design a scenographic strategy and then try to work with the instant between us and the light, the landscape and the feelings that fill the atmosphere. During the wedding event, I work mainly capturing natural and fresh moments, without forgetting the details, and then living the intimacy moment during the couple session.

I haven’t any limits to travel. Because I’m familiar with my homeland, together with my collaborator and friend Francesca, we frequently work as Sardinian Luxury Wedding Photographers in Costa Smeralda, La Maddalena, Alghero, and Cagliari as well. Sardinia is a part of my heart, but it will be an amazing experience to move with you to a countryside wedding in Tuscany or in a real castle in Southern Italy region, Puglia, or in Amalfi, by the shore.

Kaleidos Wedding

Furthermore, since I live in Madrid, I love to work in every Spanish region: a wedding photographer in Madrid, Barcelona and many other corners of this historical Mediterranean country.

Now you know me. I love to travel worldwide. So, why not travelling with you as Destination Wedding Photographer for a magical luxury wedding in Marrakesh, or a summer and traditional Indonesian luxury wedding in Bali, or a cinematographic wedding in Paris or New York. I use to travel a lot in my life and for me, it is really a creatively priority to work with different landscapes and colours.

Additional locations: 

* London, London, England. United Kingdom 
* Siena, Tuscany, Italy
* Olbia, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy

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Additional Locations

London, England
United Kingdom

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Florence, Tuscany

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