The Kayon Jungle Resort

5 Star Wedding Award
5 Star Wedding Award
Banjar Bresela, Desa Bresela, Payangan, Ubud, Bali 80572, Indonesia


Welcome to The Kayon Jungle Resort, your sanctuary of luxury nestled in Bali's lush Payangan village. Just minutes from Ubud's cultural heart, our resort offers a serene escape into nature's embrace, where elegance meets tranquillity.

Nestled amidst the verdant splendour of a valley and overlooking the serene Uwos River, The Kayon Jungle Resort stands as a haven of tropical luxury. Situated in the traditional Balinese Village of Bresela, Payangan, this exquisite resort is a mere 25-minute journey from Ubud's vibrant cultural hub. Drawing inspiration from the majestic Tegalalang rice terraces nearby, The Kayon Jungle Resort seamlessly melds luxury accommodations and premium facilities with the area's natural beauty. This five-star oasis harmoniously combines the artistic flair of the island with the elegance of boutique hospitality.

The Kayon Jungle Resort

The Kayon Jungle Resort is deeply connected with its natural surroundings, upholding the balance and community ethos of the local village. It offers a tranquil retreat for discerning guests to disconnect from the bustle of daily life and rejuvenate amidst nature's splendour.


Occupying a spectacular position, The Kayon Jungle Resort boasts an impressive selection of rooms, suites, and private pool villas that gently slope down the valley, mirroring the iconic terraced landscapes of Bali. Each lodging choice celebrates island aesthetics, featuring interiors that prioritize design and are equipped with upscale amenities for unparalleled comfort.

Resort Features

The resort caters to every need and desire, offering:

  • Various Suites & Villa Categories for tailored experiences
  • Kepitu Restaurant for exquisite dining
  • Kepitu Bar & Lounge for relaxing evenings
  • Wanna Jungle Pool Bar for poolside refreshments
  • Serayu Spa for rejuvenating treatments
  • Puspaka Wedding Chapel for unforgettable ceremonies
  • Canyon Jetty for serene moments by the water
  • A fully-equipped Gymnastic area
  • Meeting Room for business needs
  • Sky Lounge for panoramic views
  • Kayon Boutique & Traditional Market for shopping
  • Kelir Art Gallery & Museum for cultural exploration
  • Cinema Room for entertainment
  • In-house clinic for health and safety

Room Categories

  • Kayon Jungle Suite (20)
  • Jungle Pool Villa (10)
  • Valley Pool Villa (5)
  • Kayon Premier Pool Villa (2)
  • Kayon Royal Pool Villa (1)

Important Note

To ensure the serenity and concept of our resort, aimed at providing a romantic and healing atmosphere, we kindly inform our guests that children under 15 years old, senior citizens or individuals with mobility challenges, drones, durian fruit, and pets are not permitted on the premises.

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Hire Options

  • Exclusive Use

Hotel & Venue Type:

  • Exclusive Use
  • Indoor License
  • Civil Ceremony Licence
  • Asian Wedding
  • Unique Venue

Dining Options:

  • Seated Meal Facilities
  • Allows Private Catering
  • Alcohol Licence
  • Buffet Meal Facilities
  • In House Catering

Hotel & Venue Amenities

  • Outdoor License
  • Indoor License
  • Civil Ceremony Licence
  • Seated Meal Facilities
  • Allows Private Catering
  • Dry Hire


Exquisite Room Facilities

Each accommodation type at the resort is meticulously appointed with facilities and amenities designed to offer guests a comfortable and luxurious stay. From the spacious Kayon Jungle Suite with its lush views and luxury bathroom amenities to the Kayon Royal Pool Villa, which includes a private kitchen set, royal living room, and personal Jacuzzi, every detail has been considered to ensure an unforgettable stay.

More about the venue

Comprehensive Services & World-class Facilities

The resort's commitment to excellence is evident in its wide array of services and facilities, ensuring that every guest's need is catered to. From the welcoming Reception (lobby) to the opulence of the Outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pools, guests are invited to relax and indulge. The culinary journey at Kepitu Restaurant, the leisurely afternoons at Wanna Jungle Pool and Bar, and the rejuvenating treatments at Serayu Spa are just the beginning. Guests can enjoy Afternoon Tea, engage in various Resort Activities, and benefit from complimentary services like Laundry, Pressing, Airport Transfers, and more.

Other Features:

Personalized In-house Services

The resort's in-house services are tailored to enhance the guest experience, offering everything from Daily Breakfast and Luxury Fruit Baskets to Unlimited Access to the Wanna Jungle Pool and Bar, Daily Yoga Classes, Morning Walks, and much more. Each villa category comes with its set of bespoke services, ensuring that guests receive personalised attention and exclusive benefits whether staying in a Kayon Jungle Suite or the Kayon Royal Pool Villa.

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Banjar Bresela, Desa Bresela, Payangan, Ubud, Bali 80572, Indonesia
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The dining experience at The Kayon Jungle Resort is a journey through culinary excellence and gastronomic creativity designed to cater to various tastes and preferences. With an emphasis on quality, ambience, and diversity, our Seated Meal Facilities ensure that every meal is nourishing and an unforgettable part of your stay.

A Symphony of Flavors Across Every Meal

Breakfast: Start your day in paradise with a breakfast experience that offers a variety of international and local dishes. Prepared with the freshest ingredients, our breakfast menu is designed to energize and delight you for the day ahead.

Lunch: As the Balinese sun ascends to its zenith, enjoy a leisurely lunch that spans the globe. Our lunch offerings, from light and healthy options to hearty local favourites, are perfect for refuelling amid your adventures.

Semi-Fine Dining: Experience the elegance of semi-fine dining for those occasions that call for something more special. Our expertly curated menus blend local flavours with international cuisine, all served in a sophisticated setting.

Dinner: As evening falls, dinner at The Kayon Jungle Resort becomes a moment to savour. Choose from a selection of dishes showcasing the best Balinese and international cuisine designed to satisfy and inspire.

Diverse Dining Formats for Every Occasion

Buffet Facilities: Our buffet facilities offer many choices for guests who love variety. Featuring a wide range of dishes catering to different dietary preferences, our buffets celebrate flavours and aromas.

Set Menus: For a more streamlined dining experience, our set menus provide courses chosen for their complementary flavours and textures. Perfect for special occasions or business dinners, our set menus take the guesswork out of ordering.

Ala-carte Menus: Embrace the freedom to choose with our ala-carte menus. Whether you’re craving a specific dish or exploring new tastes, our ala carte options offer the flexibility to tailor your meal exactly as you wish.

At The Kayon Jungle Resort, dining is integral to the experience, reflecting our commitment to quality, diversity, and the culinary arts. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet breakfast, a leisurely lunch, a semi-fine dinner, or exploring our buffet and menu options, our Seated Meal Facilities are designed to exceed your expectations and leave you with lasting memories of your time with us.


Nestled in the heart of Bali's lush landscapes, The Kayon Jungle Resort stands as a testament to luxury and serene living, offering guests a unique blend of accommodation types and an extensive range of services and facilities designed to enhance every aspect of their stay.

Accommodations at a Glance

The resort boasts a diverse array of villas and suites, each crafted to provide an unparalleled experience of comfort and luxury amidst the natural beauty of Bali. From the singular elegance of the Kayon Royal Pool Villa to the intimate charm of the Kayon Jungle Suites, guests can choose from:

  • 1 Kayon Royal Pool Villa for the ultimate in luxury and privacy,
  • 2 Kayon Premier Pool Villas offering spacious elegance,
  • 5 Kayon Valley Pool Villas with breathtaking views,
  • 10 Kayon Jungle Pool Villas for an immersive experience in nature and
  • 20 Kayon Jungle Suites combines luxury with spectacular jungle vista

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