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5 Finishing Touches For Your Wedding Day


It goes without saying that both of you will always remember your wedding. Whether the Best Man’s speech set the reception party alight or sent the bride’s parents into apoplexy like a scene from Four Weddings and a Funeral, you will always remember every detail.

After all, it was you who agonised for months about the wedding arrangements, from the choice of table linen to the flowers in the church and the niceties of the seating arrangements.

The Arabian Tent Company share their top 5 Finishing Touches For Your Wedding

1. Wishing Tree

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Wishing Tree

All your guests will be wanting to send you their heart-felt best wishes and there’s no better way of capturing them all for posterity than on a Wishing Tree. Choose one in your garden or venue, or buy (or even hire!) one especially for the day, place it in a decorated pot and cover it in red ribbons. Then get your guests to write their wishes for you on tags and attach to them to the tree. It’s such a simple yet effective way of creating a natural wedding feature and allowing your guests to express their love and goodwill.  The only thing to remember with this is that with this…bigger is better!

2. Interactive Giant Props

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Interactive Giant Props

Injecting fun and playfulness into your big day is such a winner, and with this in mind we created these giant letters for you to proclaim your love with and this Secret Garden style ‘door into another world’ as a theatrical entrance with both being a brilliant backdrop for wedding photographs.  “Ladies and gentlemen, I have great pleasure in introducing to you to Mr & Mrs…”

3. Photo Booth

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Photo Booth

These are all the rage at the moment and do produce a very amusing set of pictures of your guests. However, rather than an actual booth, our decorative tents lend themselves to setting up an area with polaroid cameras – perhaps in the lounge area of a wedding as they did in the picture below – and let your guests do the rest.

Or if you want some help from the professionals the ‘Pop Up Photo Parlour’ can deck you out with props and backdrops and combined with those fancy dress favours and you’re already well on the way to an unforgettable party.

4. First-dance Confetti

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First-dance Confetti

Everyone loves confetti, whether it’s dried rose petals or something more colourful. So why not save the confetti moment for your first dance? As you can see from the picture below, it can make for some amazing first-dance photographs.

5.Midnight Treats

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Fish and Chip Van For Wedding

If there is a favourite snack that you love, share it with your guests! Like a toast-station brought out at midnight with Marmite or Nutella, a pile of hot Cornish pasties or mini pots of your favourite ice cream handed round. And for a sinful but satisfying snack, a chip van with your favourite sauces works a treat.

  • arabiantents.com

  • Photography Credits: Infinity Photography, Medford Williams, Philip Vokers

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