5 Ideas Why To Use Candles At Your Wedding

Candles have long been used as decorative elements both at weddings and in other situations. They can add elegance, create an intimate atmosphere or be trendy, depending on what kind of candle you use and how you use them. Used indoors or out, they add light, warmth and maybe even fragrance to your wedding day décor.


1 – Votive candles
Votive candles are traditional, church style candles, usually made out of beeswax of a creamy colour and traditionally displayed alone or in clear glass holders. They are relatively inexpensive and add a soft warmth and elegance to the event when displayed in this way.

Our wedding candle tip… Votive candles are big enough to be used for the seating plan. Either tie a ribbon in your wedding colours around the candle with the names of the guests and their seat numbers attached, or use personalised candle holders. Be careful to light the candles just before the guests come to take their places though so the holders don’t get too hot!

2 – Tapers
Tapers are tall thin candles, traditionally in white but also coming in all kinds of colours, which are often displayed in old fashioned candelabras, which is perfect for a traditional, elegant wedding. These candles automatically add a touch of class to your wedding décor.

Our wedding candle tip… Try to find no-drip tapers, or candle holders that will catch all of the wax, otherwise you risk a sea of wax on your linens! One modern alternative is to have the taper in your accent colour planted on a simple white plate, which will create further colour as it burns down without making a mess of everything!

3 – Scented Candles
Scented candles are often avoided at weddings as people are afraid they will be overpowering. If used sparingly however, the right scented candle can add a touch of delicious perfume to the air and create an atmosphere to remember.

Our wedding candle tip… Don’t burn the scented candles when food is being served – it can interfere with the way flavours are perceived and you don’t want to ruin that delicious Italian cuisine!

4 – Tealights
Tealights are small candles that can be used inside burners or in corners, especially high up where they will not be seen, to create a halo of warm light around the event.

Our wedding candle tip… Use tealights in coloured glass holders for extra atmosphere and to combine the candles with your chosen wedding theme.

5 – Floating Candles
Floating candles offer a fresh, Zen feel to a wedding centerpiece and create a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. They can be used on their own or have flower petals floating on the surface of the water with them for extra romance.

Our wedding candle tip… Instead of using a traditional bowl, fill simple slender vases with pebbles, fake flowers or coloured marbles and water and place a single floating candle on the top for an elegant effect.

There are lots of ways of using candles to brighten up your wedding venue and add atmosphere. They are a lovely way of adding light and warmth, and can add to your chosen theme. They are also simple, which makes them perfect for adding a personal touch to an already stunning wedding location, like those found across Italy, without overdoing it.

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