5 Star Weddings Interview With Aston Band
5 Star Weddings Interview With Aston Band

5 Star Weddings Interview With Aston Band

Meet the 5 Star wedding & events Band who have performed all around the world and have stopped by to chat with us here at 5 Star Weddings…..

 1. Who and what is Aston Band – share a bit about who you are.

Well, Hello, Suzie here from Aston Band! 

Aston Band is a luxury wedding and event band that knows how to help you have an unforgettable party! World-class musicians, sensational setlist, dazzling costumes, state-of-the-art equipment, and unmatched energy!

5 Star Weddings Interview With Aston Band
5 Star Weddings Interview With Aston Band

Ryan, my husband, slash business partner, slash extraordinary drummer, were forever on different gigs working apart for other people. We wanted to create something for ourselves that meant we could work together. So we put the Band together in 2010.

2. What weddings and events do you get booked to perform at?

We get booked by couples that want a fun, vibrant atmosphere for their guests to enjoy! We specialise in high-energy performances with dazzling costumes and lots of audience interaction. We bring the ‘razzle dazzle’ as they say in the world of showbiz.

5 Star Weddings Interview With Aston Band
5 Star Weddings Interview With Aston Band

3. Where in the world have you performed, where has your favourite country been so far, and why?

When we started the Band, we had no idea where it would lead us. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, Jordan, Morocco, Greece, Portugal, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, South Korea & Bali, all because of this little idea we had 12 years ago! As I think back and write these places down, it feels crazy. I have probably missed a few too! We never take it for granted. We still pinch ourselves that we get to call this our job!

4. We can’t help but notice your glittering array of fabulous costumes. Where do you get these from? What is your favourite outfit on stage and why?

5 Star Weddings Interview With Aston Band
5 Star Weddings Interview With Aston Band

Last week, I had a ‘spring clean’ of all our stage wear. STRUTH, it was chaos! We have SO many costumes. Can you picture how many pairs of shoes, jackets, dresses and accessories you need for a ten-piece lineup? Then multiply that by ten at least. Although not great for storage, it is excellent for our clients as we can offer a choice of fabulous looks to match your colour scheme. Check out the wardrobe spring clean video HERE.

I am always on the lookout for costumes. If I see something I think is unusual, I pick it up. Often I find things online on high-street brands like ASOS; then I customize them with hats, feathers, tassels, flowers…you name it! Ryan loves hearing the knock on the door with more ASOS packages.

5. What Favourite songs to perform on stage?

We have been doing this for a long time, and as you can probably imagine, we have developed a vast repertoire. The set is made up of the very best music of all time.

My current favourite song to sing is Levatating – Dua Lipa. It was a big summer anthem.

We have some songs in the repertoire that have been with us from day 1. We can’t eliminate them because they are just such massive crowd-pleasers. So even though we have performed them for many years, they still feel great. We want our clients to have THE best party ever! That is what we love to do, make sure the crowd is having a fantastic time.

6. You recently changed your name from iPop Band to Aston Band. Tell us about this.

Have you ever had a minor niggle that keeps burrowing away at you?

Well…it happened to us, and we couldn’t shake it.

When our events became nonexistent in 2020 due to the C-word, and we had way too much extra time, we started to consider whether the name iPop still felt relevant to us.

After much debate, too much wine and a little PE with Joe Wicks – the answer was NO. We couldn’t look back once we planted that seed, which has been niggling away ever since.

5 Star Weddings Interview With Aston Band
5 Star Weddings Interview With Aston Band

When we came up with the name iPop all those years ago, it felt fantastic, relevant and fit what we were doing. We had no idea where the Band would lead us. We didn’t give it a huge deal of thought at the time – we liked it, so we went with it.

Over the years, the Band organically evolved. The lineup got larger, the equipment got more extravagant, sets got slicker, the choreography got more relaxed, and costumes got crazier.

We had grown and developed into something different from when we started in 2010. Our hard work had paid off!

It began to feel like we were outgrowing the name. iPop didn’t feel very current anymore and didn’t seem to fit what we had become.

We want to be around for at least another decade, and the name iPop doesn’t feel right anymore. After going around in circles with cool and quirky names that could just as quickly date, we thought the family name was as good a way to go as any.

We have two children who are into music and would love (if they wanted it) to hand our business (that we have ploughed so much love and time into) over to them one day. That’s our romantic vision, anyway!

It would be fantastic for them to have some of the incredible experiences and adventures we have experienced as musicians. We have travelled the world with this Band. It is so special to do something you love as a job.

2022 is the time for a re-brand, a time to feel refreshed, re-focused and re-energised! Bigger and better than ever! Exciting!

7. It’s been said that music and entertainment are the heart of all weddings – what would you say about this, and how can couples ensure they book a band that will lift the roof off their wedding venue?

Have you been to good weddings and bad weddings? Think about what made one better than the other, and I guarantee it’s something to do with music. Music is SO important.

My advice would always be to book the best Band you can afford. You get what you pay for. Be sure to set aside plenty in your wedding budget for a fantastic band because the atmosphere they will create for you will be one of the things your guests remember more than anything.

Have live music throughout the day to keep your guests entertained. You can have music for the Ceremony, Drinks, Reception, and Dinner. Many great moments can be made even more special with some live music.

Most professional bands will be able to add these extras for you.

8. How many of you are in the Band, how do you all know each other, and what sort of band rituals do you have before you perform?

The Band comes in various shapes and sizes. Each event is unique, so we don’t like to force a particular lineup on our clients. We tend to hop on a call, discuss our client’s needs, and recommend the best lineup. Depending on the venue size, between 6 and 10 pieces are our most popular options.

We have chosen our squad carefully, so our clients get the best experience on stage and off. When you book us, you can expect everyone on the stage to bring something EXTRA. Our team is super talented and just the loveliest bunch of people. You will LOVE them.

We are all genuine friends, and that REAL on-stage chemistry can not be replicated. It is infectious and is guaranteed to make you smile.

9. What is your opinion that makes for a 5-star performance?

EXPERIENCE.  We use our invaluable knowledge to make sure your event entertainment is unforgettable.

My background is West End Theatre, where I played roles including ‘Sandy’ in ‘Grease’ and ‘Linda’ in ‘Blood Brothers’. My background in theatre and 20 years of performing helped me understand that when you are on that stage, you can never switch off that performance mode. That Showmanship is instilled in me.

5 Star Weddings Interview With Aston Band
5 Star Weddings Interview With Aston Band

Since the age of 16, Ryan has been a prolific session drummer. He can solve any problem. Nothing phases him. He is solid as a rock.

We search for the same attitude, passion and experience when selecting our band members. All the musicians we work with are the best and can regularly be seen sharing the stage with international superstars.

Nothing beats experience.

10. Who is the most famous person you have performed for?

As a band, we have performed at many glittering events, including a 5-star-studded Dubai Film Festival. We were the Royal Variety Performance After Show Party Band, where you can always spot a familiar face. We played at a party for former England & Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard.

Ryan has performed for Prince Charles. I guess that is about as famous as it gets.

The musicians in the Band play for lots of famous people too! Keep your eye on the TV screen. You may spot them!

You can trust us to fill the dance floor no matter what the event or occasion! We GO FOR IT for you and will do everything we can to help you have the best time of your life!

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