5 Unique First Wedding Nights

Your first night as a married couple probably comes with a certain level of expectation, and potentially pressure. You can probably see where that is going, so instead of looking at the gory details, we instead looked at five unique locations for your first night as husband and wife check out these 5 unique first wedding nights ideas.

Transparent Bubble Tent

If you want to spend your first night married looking up at the stars, then you may have been tempted to go to the beach. No need, however, with this unique bubble tent that looks a bit like a goldfish bowl.

Transparent Bubble Tent
Transparent Bubble Tent

The tent is simply blown up, a table, chairs, a bed, or whatever you want placed inside, and there you have it, the perfect countryside location for your first night
s a married couple. Of course, you may want to get assurances first that you are secluded enough and will be left alone, however when it comes to romance with a difference, there are a few ideas that top this one.

River Barge

Barges are often associated with older holidaymakers or students without any friends, however they can also be a brilliant and unique idea for a location to spend your wedding night. Either book a barge near to you or incorporate it into your honeymoon for a unique wedding night floating along a tranquil river or canal.

Luxury River Barge
Luxury River Barge

Log Cabin

If you are planning to honeymoon at a skiing resort, or simply want a taste of self-sufficient living, why not consider a log cabin for your wedding night? These can be romantic, warm, cosy places, albeit slightly inconvenient if you have to keep re-lighting or tending to the open fire in the bedroom!

Luxury Log Cabin

The Marquee

Okay, so you probably associate the getting married, reception and evening party with a marquee, but what about spending your first night as a married couple there? Obviously we do not mean the same marquee, however many venues can now construct marquees specifically for married couples to spend the night if they wish for something a little different.

The Marquee
Luxury Marquee

The best wedding locations will create a true romantic setting, complete with scattered rose petals, paper lanterns and music to relax you at the end of a long day.

The Beach

This one is obviously dependent on you having your wedding in a faraway location, such as the Seychelles, however spending your wedding night in a beach hut or an open terrace overlooking the ocean is a romantic, breath-taking experience that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Luxury Mini moons
The Beach
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