8 tips for a perfect wedding day body

Mark Anthony, also known as the “Body Genius”, is one of London’s fitness gurus and the UK’s leading celebrity fitness trainers.  His list of prestigious clients includes many high profile figures from around the world of media and entertainment, from Hollywood actors to top musicians.

1. I wondered how long you believe it takes to achieve a perceptible change in the body? And what is required to achieve this?

Six weeks of following a specific plan. Follow my 6 Week London Body Plan video podcast, train by using simple exercises that tone the body and follow this with 20-25 minutes cardiovascular exercise. Meal planning is important, so follow my principle of portion control. This is measuring your food with the palm of your hand.

Celebrity fitness personal trainer
Mark Anthony

2. If you have a month to tone up what routine would you advise – how many times a week would you recommend exercising/ what type/intensity and duration you’d recommend to see real results? And how would you suggest keeping up motivation?

Four times a week, performing one body part per session. Exercising Monday, Tuesday, rest Wednesday, train Thursday, Friday. Intensify resistance work followed by a moderate level of cardiovascular exercise. Stay focused on your goal, stay positive at all times and inject some passion and energy into your exercise plan.

3. What can you realistically expect to achieve in a month – drop a dress size?? What is possible with just a week to go and again what routine would you recommend?

With my 6 Week London Body Plan you can expect to lose 2/3 dress sizes and a lot of weight within that period.

4. What nutritional goals/ advice would you give with a month/week to go? What are the no-go’s must-eats/ super snacks?

Say no to salt, sugar, processed food, simple carbs and sweets. You must have complex carbs, brown rice and brown pasta. Super snacks ie: apricot and unsalted nuts, half an avocado, protein shakes with hemp and spirulina in. I will be launching a range of Mark Anthony branded workout energy bars and drinks in April.

5. If you are training a celebrity for a specific event like a film premier/Oscars – when would you start preparing and what would the exercise routine/nutritional programme involve – please give specific examples too.

Between 6-8 weeks away for an event. Although I have trained someone just 5 days away. Depending on the event, I would use my 3 tier body system to condition them through a wave of physical activity that changes every 2, 3 or 4 weeks.

6. If someone just has a day to prepare what advice would you give?

Eliminate all salt immediately and boost your water intake. Do a 40minute brisk walk first thing in the morning and in the afternoon a full body approach weight training session followed by 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise directly afterwards. If possible 2-3hours before the event jump into the sauna for 20 minutes to make your skin glow and for your face to feel tighter for those photos.

7. Is it possible to tone and boost muscles by doing certain activities the day before – similarly is it possible to have any effect in an hour or even a minute? Do you give your celebrity clients any specific advice exercise/nutritional advice when it comes to just days to go?

With just days to go follow the same principle as question number 6.
8. If it comes down to a minute I’m thinking posture is the most effective way to make a difference to your body and wondered if you agree with this and what advice you give on this?

A minute before you walk down that aisle concentrate on your posture by standing upright and drawing your shoulders back. Try and feel confident about your body by keeping your naval into your spine whenever possible and if you have the chance drop down and perform 20 push ups just before you go out. That will give you a rush of endorphins and will set you up for a great day ahead of you.
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