Luxury blankets have it all wrapped up

Decking out your marital home with gorgeous gifts is one of the treats that comes with wedded bliss. Gift lists are great fun to compile and mean guests can help towards creating the perfect home from which to start married life. But many friends and family also want the opportunity to buy something personal that will be remembered by the happy couple for years to come.

So let John Atkinson blankets add a touch of sumptuous comfort to your wish list. With the option to add personalised embroidery, the blankets make an extra special, luxurious but affordable gift which will last couples a lifetime – exactly the kind of present many guests will look for.

The brand new range of refreshing colours and finishes in luxury fibres, including Cashmere and Merino wool, means the blankets and throws are timeless accessories which are both chic and eco-friendly. Available in soft soothing tones to vibrant, modern shades, the wide choice of style and size makes them the perfect addition to any wedding list.

Alternative wedding present

Created to be enjoyed every night, the blankets are also available in an elegant gift set, complete with Peter Reed 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets and pillow cases. And thanks to the highest quality materials and careful craftsmanship woven into each one, they make a long-lasting memento which can be handed down through the generations.

Wedding Gifts

From raw wool to finished cloth, all John Atkinson blankets and throws are carefully made by Hainsworth in Yorkshire, the only place in the country that manages the manufacturing process right through from the sheep’s back to the finished article.

Hailed as nature’s performance fibre, not only does wool keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, recent research also suggests that sleeping under wool lowers your heart rate to make you more relaxed, leaving you both fresher than ever in the morning. You can also sleep easy under one of the world’s most environmentally friendly resources – fully sustainable and biodegradable, wool comes with no negative environmental tags attached.

John Atkinson blankets already grace beds in royal homes and palaces throughout Europe and the Middle East and with the launch of this modern and accessible collection, newlyweds across the UK can now do the same.

Refreshing comfort to eco-friendly chic – John Atkinson has it all wrapped up.

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