Looking for an alternative wedding gift?

NU065-Organic-Essentials-w-Adoption-450x450Nudo Olive Oil Luxurious and delicious yet incredibly versatile in the kitchen every day of the week, Olive Oil is a gift that will always be loved. So why not go a step further and give an alternative wedding gift in the form of Nudo’s unique ‘Adopt an Olive Tree’ programme.

Luxurious and Delicious Nudo Olive Oil

The programme offers cooks a whole olive tree to call their own as well as all the oil it produces . How It Works: Nudo’s original adoption programme ensures the future of olive groves and the livelihood of olive farming families in Le Marche and Abruzzo on the east coast of central Italy. It does this by purchasing the harvest of every ‘adopted’ tree at a fixed price, giving farmers in the process a higher degree of financial security.

Why is this important? Because the olive oil market is a competitive one with cheap, poor quality, blended ‘olive’ oils with flimsy provenance claims making it tough for the good ones to survive. Nudo’s investment allows the good guys to invest in equipment and pay for the specialist pruners who can make the difference between a good crop and a bad crop.

Nudo’s Olive Tree Adoption programme now includes 2,154 olive trees of varying degrees of gnarliness from teenagers (trees aged 13 and upwards) to wizened centenarians and beyond. As you’d expect, the oil produced varies from grove to grove. Thus you’ll find peppery oil from Aleandri, fruity oil from Il Professore and fresh, grassy oil from La Morla, to name but a few. The programme continues to grow as new producers who share the Nudo philosophy come on board. Participation costs just £65 for the year for which each adoptive parent receives all the produce from their tree – that’s one package in the spring and one in the autumn. And of course, they’re also welcome to visit their ‘baby’ any time.

A great talking point over pasta! Nudo’s Adopt an Olive Tree Gift Tin (£65) is a smart presentation tin complete with a 500ml tin of oil and an adoption certificate to certify parentage of your chosen tree.