Why You Should Try To Make Time For Pre Wedding Portraits

I would always recommend that you try to schedule into the run up to your wedding the time to visit your photographer and have a pre wedding portrait (sometimes called engagement) photo shoot where possible.

I think without exception every couple whose wedding we have photographed has said to us “I hate having my photo taken – I’m dreading it.”  When you think about it this is totally understandable.  Here you are in front of all the people in your life who are most important to you trying to look “natural” and show your best side almost “on demand” for one or two relative strangers.  It’s a totally un-natural situation.  Yet you know at the same time that these pictures are vitally important to you.

Pre Wedding Shoot

So what can you do to make it easier?  Well you could employ a photographer who shoots in a totally photo-journalistic style with no intervention or direction given to you at all and simply records the day as it unfolds “fly on the wall style”.  This is a good solution to those of you who really don’t want to pose for any pictures at all but there are only a handful of photographers in the UK today who are capable of producing simply stunning results time after time from this style of photography.  It is an art in itself and requires a large degree of skill from the photographer in order to produce pleasing photos.  Make the wrong choice of photographer for this style and your ensuing photographs may not look anything different from those yours guests have taken.

The other solution – which I would recommend – is that you arrange a pre wedding photo shoot with your chosen photographers.  That way you get the opportunity to see what it feels like to be the focus of attention and your photographer gets to know if there are any “challenges” about photographing either of you that he/she needs to be aware of. Blinking as soon as a camera is pointed at you is a really common one.  If you know this happens there are ways around it to avoid it affecting your photographs.

Award Winning Wedding Photographers

The pre wedding portrait shoot also gives you the opportunity to discuss with your photographer any worries you may have about how to stand, how to walk in your wedding gown and any worries you have about photographs you would like taking of your guests on the big day.

In addition to all of the above it’s also nice to record these last few months before your wedding day when you start a brand new chapter in your life.

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