It is with great pleasure that the stunning contemporary venue Altitude 360 has joined 5 Star Wedding Directory’s elite collection of wedding professionals.

Altitude 360
Altitude 360

Altitude 360 is a remarkable venue in the very heart of London, which has recently acquired a wedding license. This contemporary venue offers stunning 360 views over London’s most iconic landmarks,making it the most unique and memorable place to tie the knot.

Towering over the capital on the 29th floor of the Millbank Tower, Altitude 360 is a chic, modern space that provides the perfect blank canvas for that special day. For those couples searching for a festive wedding venue, Altitude 360 is a veritable winter wonderland with its bright white marble floors providing a perfect snowy vantage point to take-in the twinkling London lights.

Altitude 360 is an extremely versatile space, accommodating anything from a small private ceremony to a large wedding reception for 600 people in one venue with its sound proof retractable walls.

This elegant penthouse venue is the perfect choice for couples with high aspirations.


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