Beauty Tips to Get Gorgeous Lip

Beauty tips on lips have become scarce. I can so easily paint on some lipstick that will have my lips full, sensuous and shining for at least five minutes. Why not have more realistic goals. What about having a full, sensuous look that will last all day? I don’t mean the type of product that just looks really shiny and tastes good but sticks to everything.

I have had a hard time finding helpful beauty tips, then read this list. I love these tips, and I use at least one of them every day. They are really easy to dress up quickly. But, if you want to have the same look all day long then that also works.


* Lip Beauty Tips #1: Neutral lip stain – This may mean that you have to buy that ridiculous sticky shiner that comes with it. But you will soon see that it is well worth it. Now, do not use that shiny stuff. As an alternative only use the neutral stain. The stain should be a very close match to your own lip colour but should either be a bit brighter or darker. Once the stain sets, cover it with chapstick or your favourite lip gloss. Your lips still appear full and plump even after the covering wears off.

* Lip Beauty Tips #2: Mixing is okay – If you want to wear real lipstick, but you love the sexy sheen of lip gloss, then blend away. Lip gloss on the top lip and lipstick on the bottom. Rub them together – hard. Now blot. The leftover colour will be a well blended, shiny version of your lipstick that lasts longer than gloss.

* Lip Beauty Tip #3: Hydrate, hydrate and rehydrate – Keep lips full and beautiful by staying hydrated. When a person is dehydrated their lips will be the first to show it. It also makes you lick them more, which will cause your lipstick or gloss to come off. In other words, if you want your lips to become full and alive and stay that way then drink the recommended amount of water daily.