Every one has a story…

ASTRA began on a clear New Zealand summer’s night when four young, energetic friends spent an evening under the sky. Staring up at the Milky Way and admiring the stars like glittering fireworks, they believed that each twinkling light told a beautiful love story. They dreamed of catching the sparkle of the stars for someone they loved . . . ASTRA WAS BORN.

ASTRA Jewellery

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, ASTRA has been creating stunning jewellery since 2013. Focusing on the special moments in life, the designers have formed distinctive core collections of pendants featuring charms and crystals, each with a different woman in mind. No matter your walk in life, or your prospective route, there is a piece that will speak to you.

ASTRA Jewellery

We simply adore the creativity behind these pendants and elegance in their design. There are some beautiful pieces that would be perfect gifts for bridesmaids, or even a special keepsake for the bride herself. Match the gemstones with your colour palette or choose a beautiful, personal piece for each friend. You can explore more gorgeous designs on ASTRA’s website.


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