Banish Post Hen-Party Hangover Hair

 Now that everyone has a camera of some description, a webpage to load those incriminating photos to, and the typical hen party is a weekend affair, you need to make sure your hair looks picture perfect during your entire event. Any self-respecting bride-to-be and her friends will have at least one wild night out, and the morning-after bird’s nest hair is pretty unavoidable.

Although there is no quick cure for a hangover from hell, you can quickly restore hair to its former glory with a little help…


Try having a relaxing shower or bath, and using DGJ Organics Hangover Hair shampoo (£4.99), conditioner (£4.99) and intensive repair treatment (£3.99). This range, available at Waitrose, will give your locks new life and rehydrate morning-after hair with soothing lavender organic essential oils.

With this boost your hair will bounce back – so you are ready to face the cameras again, with hair that smells so fresh and heavenly, it won’t give away the hen party’s escapades!