The Most Gorgeous Bespoke Engagement Rings

Bespoke Engagement Rings – The recently launched bespoke engagement ring service from Hattie Rickards Jewellery London has been a great success, and we are delighted to hear all about it from the lady herself.

Bespoke Engagement By Hattie Rickard
Bespoke Engagement By Hattie Rickards

Whether you want an engagement ring for yourself, or creating a ring for your partner, Hattie will personally work with you through every stage. Starting with an informal meeting to sketch out initial ideas, Hattie will continuously refine your design and only when you are completely happy will it be handmade in British workshops typically using Fairtrade Fairmined Ecological gold.

Bespoke Engagement By Hattie Rickard
Bespoke Engagement By Hattie Rickard

The service attracts both men and women, although predominately it’s nervous gentleman coming to me with a blank canvas not knowing where to start in getting the perfect ring! Hattie actually really embrace this challenge of creating a ring for women that she may never have met before but it is a collaborative process between the client, his input about his fiancé’s lifestyle and tastes and myself. The process of extracting the information secretly always brings funny stories. Hattie will also remodel family rings where we refine the gold down and rebuild into a more contemporary design to suit that specific client.

Bespoke Engagement By Hattie Rickard
Bespoke Engagement By Hattie Rickard
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One of her strengths is the ability to distil the client’s thoughts, whether they know what they want or have no idea, into a beautiful engagement ring that is unique and personal. Hattie has developed a reputation for designing impressive and striking engagement rings for a diverse range of clients – from farmer’s wives to rockstars and many others in between! Her admirers include Livia Firth, Pippa Middleton, and Poppy Delevigne to name a few. To see more gorgeous designed visit Hattie

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