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Engagement photo shoots are a perfect way to capture the excitement and anticipation of a couple before the big day. Newly engaged couples always have a certain exhilaration about life – like they’re standing on the edge of the rest of their lives, waiting to leap in with both feet. We love a good engagement photo shoot here at 5 Star, so here’s some of our favourite themes and shots to inspire you.

Go rustic!

kendallpooleeventplanning - Capture Love...
Perfect rustic autumnl shoot – tartan galore! Photo:Kendll Poole Event Planning

You want your photos to look relaxed, genuine and above all, happy. So if you’re not the kind of couple to don heels and a tux for a special occasion, chances are your pics will look so much better if you go for a rustic vibe. Choose a great location and wear something comfortable. You can always dress the location with vintage items that mean a lot to you, or find somewhere with really great rustic architecture.

magnet street - Capture Love...
Gorgeous location dressing – choose a few special pieces to accent the vintage vibe Photo: Magnet Street

Take me to the beach

If you have many happy beach memories as a couple, then you cannot beat a beach shoot. The setting is already a perfect backdrop and the location provides a really versatile range of ideas for poses and angles. Taking a few outfits with you is probably wise!

true photography - Capture Love...
Relaxed beach beauty Photo: True Photography
jenny suri photography - Capture Love...
Snuggle up beside the sea Photo: Jenny Suri Photography

Location, location, location

Paris. London. On top of the Empire State Building. You may have that one special place that means the most to you as a couple. Maybe it was the location of your first date… Or your proposal… Maybe where you first laid eyes on each other… So an engagement shoot there will tick every box and add to the special meaning of the place for you.

albert palmer - Capture Love...
Create new memories in a special location Photo: Albert Palmer
ryon lockhart crissy field.0 - Capture Love...
Iconic landmarks for iconic moments Photo: Ryon:Lockhart Photography

In the dark of night

Night shoots can be really fun. Playing with the light (or lack of it!) can be really atmospheric and create some lovely silhouettes. And if you can find a location with minimal light pollution, the stars will be part of your gorgeous shoot as well.

PH weddings 450x299 - Capture Love...
Create gorgeous silhouettes Photo: PH Weddings
andy davison photography 1038x692 - Capture Love...
Celebrate under the stars Photo: Andy Davison Photography

Make them laugh

If you spend every second of your life laughing together, choosing a fun theme for your engagement shoot is really cute. Get creative with props, paint or silliness that epitomises your combined sense of humour. Celebrate the jokes that only you share and give your friends a little something to be jealous of!

want that wedding - Capture Love...
Have fun with colour! Photo: Want That Wedding
leahbullard - Capture Love...
Add a clever little touch to the shoot Photo: Leah Bullard

Above all, choose a location that is special to you, make sure you’re comfortable with the arrangement of the shots and choose a great photographer – then let them do the hard work! Have a look at our photographers page to find yours.

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