Richard Ward On Hair Styles From The Oscars

Following last night’s Oscars ceremony, we thought you might like to read some comments on the hair highs and lows of the evening from Richard Ward. Richard has also included a few tips and product suggestions if you are wanting to create the looks at home.

Hair Highs: Long Hair Trends

“The low chignon is an understated trend which always works beautifully at red carpet events. Jennifer Lawrence, the Hollywood ‘it’ girl of the moment got it right with this beautiful updo. It’s slightly dishevelled but the overall finish is fresh, simple and not overdone. Amy Adams also worked this look. She sported a beautiful hair up which looked both sophisticated and simple but not too perfect. The use of the centre parting and tendrils helps to keep this look fresh and current.

Up do’s like these work best on day old hair, as the natural oils in hair give the style extra grip and hold. If you’re looking to recreate a look similar to Jennifer’s or Amy’s, then prepare your hair the night before by washing it with just a shampoo and treatment masque. No conditioner. For glossy, hydrated tresses, try my Couture Hair Clay Mineral Masque (£23) and leave for five minutes before rinsing. When styling, try to limit the amount of product used to avoid a ‘heavy’ finish. My Couture Hair Memoriser Holding Serum (£17) smoothes hair, whilst providing hold, and protection from frizz, humidity and heat – perfect!”

Jennifer Lawrence

“Nicole Kidman’s style looked simple, youthful and fresh. With a dress like this, the hair needn’t be a statement so she’s really got this look spot on. The use of a centre parting and soft tendrils really helps to frame her face and create a done, yet undone style. Naomi Watts also followed this rule; her style has a relaxed quality to it, without conflicting with her dress.

Soft, effortless-looking styles like these need to have a product-free appearance, to avoid a stiff, ridge finish. My Couture Hair Argan Oil Mist (£24) is perfect for leaving hair nourished, with a soft, high-shine finish. Simply spritz onto damp hair before styling to protect from heat damage and add instant nourishment, or mist over styled tresses as a finishing shine spray.”

Short Hair Trends

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

“You can’t mention 2013 without talking about the most famous haircut on film! Anne Hathaway is clearly growing out her crop, but her new longer tresses look glorious. She’s keeping her style in shape and tucking it behind her ears as it grows, whilst also taking her style a shade darker to define her look it as it fully grows out. Charlize Theron is another great example of short hair that just looks stunning. These two ladies really are flying the flag for shorter hair, and are great examples of just how versatile and beautiful it can look.

For those of you which have hair slightly longer hair, like Anne’s, then the finish really is all in the blow-dry. The importance of having the correct styling tools really is paramount, as there is less hair to hide behind. A good radial bristle brush like my Couture Hair Wooden Radial Styling Brush (from £15) will be your best friend, preventing static, and smoothing the hair shaft, leaving hair smooth and glossy. Once dry, simply tame the hair with a little of my Couture Hair Tri-Active Serum (£26) to increase colour vibrancy and leave tresses glossy.”


Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

Hair Lows;

“Jennifer Aniston, what a shame! It seems that Jen’s trademark hair is stopping her from being experimental. The OSCARS are the most glamorous awards ceremony in the film industry calendar, so it’s a great excuse to be a little bit playful. I would have loved to seen her wear her hair up or do something a little different. She’s a hair icon so it’s also not great to see her hair so overly highlighted without her usual lovely caramel lights.”

“For me, Catherine Zeta-Jones’ waves are a bit ‘old hat’. They’re far too structured and there’s no movement or softness to the ends which give the overall style a very rigid feel. It looks too far too overdone; I think she needs to take note of the younger stars who’s styles look more ‘undone’ and had a natural quality to it.”

What did you think of these celebrities hair styles? if you have a favourite do let me know!