Beautiful Advice From Celebrity Make-Up Artist Karen Beadle

Karen took time out of her busy schedule to talk to us. Working as a make-up artist Karen received training as a beauty therapist, hairdresser and running a top account for Clarins. Karen then went on to work as a session hair and make-up artist for many different photographers, companies, magazines and film.

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5 Star Weddings: Can you tell us a bit about how you got into running your make up courses?

Karen Beadle: While working in the industry I was approached by Salon Success to write for Paul Mitchell Luxury Haircare F Magazine as a beauty writer / editor as they were sponsoring me in hair products, and I had written for other magazines. I used my knowledge as a professional to write about shows, skin care/make-up trends for women and men and chose to work with photographer Robert Fairer’s beautiful backstage beauty, he works with American Vogue in NYC, I knew him as a make-up artist on previous shoots. To further my experience, teaching was my next step and I was invited by the head of the health department at Morley College to devise and run make-up courses. These run throughout the year. I also contribute to privately run colleges.

5 Star Weddings: Can you tell us some of the amazing diverse women you have worked with over the years for magazines, privately and on shows?

Karen Beadle: Mrs B CBE Browns Fashion, Dame Kelly Holmes CBE, Ana Boitin CEO Santander, Dr Maya Angelou, Julie Walters, Lou Doillon actor/ musician/model and face of Cub Monaco, Thandie Newton, Greta Bellamacina Poet/actor/model,Kate Beckinsale,Twiggy, Nicky Hambleton – Jones stylist/journalist,Caprice and many others

Celebrity Make Up Artist Karen Beadle
Celebrity Make Up Artist Karen Beadle

5 Star Weddings: Can you tell us where we can see your wonderful work?

Karen Beadle: My work is often seen on Browns Brides as I have a link and work through this beautiful boutique, and through Quintessentially concierge and Wedding and events and listed in the beautiful newly published book “The Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide.”

5 Star Weddings: Can you give some top tips on how to create that flawless look for a bride?

Karen Beadle: Here are some thoughts for you to consider when thinking about your makeup. Preparation is extremely important and making sure you have a good look at your skin and skin care at least six months before the big day.

Choosing the right skin care and beauty treatments for your type of skin, and address any problems you may have well before your wedding day. A healthy skin is the basis of a natural, glowing and flawless finish. Make sure you are well informed on what is available.

1. Choosing the right makeup primer for you. There are many types that offer different effects.
2. Choosing the right foundation so that skin looks soft and natural and is long lasting
3. Using the right concealer as they vary in colour and consistency.

Karen Beadle Make-up Artist
Karen Beadle Make-up Artist

5 Star Weddings: Can you tell us some of the designers you work with?

Karen Beadle: Christopher Kane, Roland Mouret, Balenciaga, Erdem, Zandra Rhodes

5 Star Weddings: How far in advance should a bride book her make-up artist?

Karen Beadle: I would recommend brides to think about searching for an artist as soon as you decide to plan your wedding. This is to make sure you find, secure, and know that this artist can offer you a wonderful service, always put you first, and able to offer you something really special.

5 Star Weddings: What are the trends for brides at the moment?

Karen Beadle: Trends are often seasonal and make-up must absolutely suit the individual client. I take into consideration so many things before deciding what a bride will truly love on the day. Personality, wedding dress, style and the colour of the hair, the venue. So these allow me to create the make-up effect the bride would love to express.

Here are some seasonal ideas for you think about for the big day. You can go so many ways in regards to trends.

1. Spring/Summer

Early Spring is still winter and I love pastels, mixed with Darker tones around the eyes to emphasise the features. Looks striking. Lips soft and slightly glazed so to create a full mouth.
When Spring arrives the flower colours become more intense and make-up more colourful.

Summer brings the warmth of colours and lashes are tipped in mauve and eyeliners to match. Colours are rich and subtle. Make-up looks amazing close up with so many beautiful subtle colours to see and almost invisible. In photographs perfect effect.


Autumn brings Rustic tones and the beautiful colours that this season brings. Golds, bronze’s, red tones so many colours to see and recreate. Smouldering eyes and lightly tinted cheeks. Lips warm and translucent.

Winter the cool sparkling ice blue effects. A winter bride can look cool in effect with deepest darkest intense liners that create piercing eyes and kohl to finish inside the lids. So precise the liner and added lashes so subtle that it opens the eyes and looks beautiful and natural.
Lips are warm translucent reds with an added rich gloss tone.

Bridal Make- Up Artist Karen Beadle

5 Star Weddings: What are your five tips for brides to be for their big day?

Karen Beadle: 1. A stylish clutch bag to carry key makeup items in case of needing to retouch during the wedding. I advise brides the right products to take with them.
2. Avoid rubbing your eyes and face and check your make-up every time you go to the bathroom. Especially as the photographers will be shooting as much of the wedding as possible to capture you, your husband and the mood of the wedding and guests.
3. I would include mums, bridesmaids and friends for professional make-up it does make a difference in the photographs. It is a treat and I know from experience it helps to relax everyone and take the stress away from you the bride and create some fun before a big day!
4. Although this isn’t directly make-up related, make sure the hair up can be let down easily. Suggest to your hairdresser that an up style can become a tousled look for the evening minus the pins. So that the hair can be designed to give maximum volume. Ask your hairdresser to help you recreate the second hairstyle for the evening party.
5. This one sounds boring. Always have an itinerary of who goes first, second etc. Knowing how much time you have and slotting people into their appointments for hair and make-up. As a professional, I know it must be efficient so that everyone is happy and finish on time looking perfect! This is the most important factor to me.

5 Star Weddings: In your opinion what makes a 5 Star Wedding?

Karen Beadle: A 5 Star wedding is offering a great service to your client and absolutely making sure everyone you come into contact with is happy and enjoying the preparation. Every wedding is unique and very special to me. I completely feel satisfied that I know my clients are about to enjoy one of the most amazing says of their life with their family, inspiratonfriends, and guests who get together through the union of Marriage.

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