5 Star Weddings Spends an Evening with Richard Ward

I can’t tell you how excited we were last week on receiving an invite to get a blow dry by none other than Kate Middleton’s very own hairdresser, Richard Ward. I and a few million other girls, had watched the Royal Wedding in awe of Kate and how beautifully groomed and effortlessly stylish she looked, so to be given the opportunity to learn how to replicate her elegant mane was one that I definitely wanted to take up.

Richard Ward Wedding Hair

The evening, held at Richard Ward’s exclusive Chelsea salon in London, not only provided top tips on how to get the perfect blow dry but also gave the chance to sample some of the celebrity hairdresser’s newly launched hair care range, ‘Couture Hair’, available on qvcuk.com. Richard describes the complete range of twelve products as being “multitasking” ensuring all technologies needed in today’s hair care and styling environment are encompassed in each premium quality product. Richard’s belief that moisture is key to keeping hair frizz-free, healthy and shiny is prevalent throughout the range with a unique moisture ingredient – AQUARICH – being contained in every product.  Likewise, all styling products aim to ‘multitask’ with humidity defence and UV protection featuring throughout.

Having thick, course and often very BIG hair (no, not in a Beyonce way, unfortunately) I am a hair product veteran and must admit that Richard’s Couture Hair range thankfully lacks any of the sticky, heavy concoctions I’ve experienced in the past. We were fortunate enough to steal his 12 steps to the perfect blow dry  (see below) all of which work perfectly with his new products, of course!

Richard Ward’s 12 steps to the perfect blow dry

  1. For minimum frizz hair should be 70% wet so towel dry after cleansing and conditioning, but don’t rough dry. Too wet and excess heat will be needed to try your hair, too dry and your style may not hold
  2. Use a high wattage, professional dryer with a nozzle to control air and heat direction, and a warm, hot and cool shot selection
  3. Comb through roughly with a medium-toothed comb. Use one made of carbon or hard rubber with rounded teeth to prevent splitting and static
  4. Always comb from ends towards roots – not roots to ends – to avoid damage
  5. Use a radial brush with real bristles. The diameter of the brush’s barrel should always equal the depth of the section, which should also be the same width as the bristle section of  the brush
  6. Holding your dryer underneath the section creates movement while positioning it above the section will create sleekness
  7. Whenever you are blow drying mid-lengths and ends always point the nozzle downwards to flatten the cuticle and encourage shine
  8. Always position your dryer nozzle at least 15cm away from your hair – too close will result in heat damage. Test on the back of your hand – if it feels too hot for your skin, it’s way  to hot for your hair
  9. When moving the dryer down the hair shaft for a sleek look, position the nozzle behind the brush, making sure you keep it high enough away to avoid damage
  10. Section properly – split hair into 4 areas: nape to the crown (left and right) and ear to the crown (left and right). Always start at the bottom of each section, working up towards the front. Use crocodile clamps to help keep sections out of your way
  11. Use a cool shot on your dryer function to fix each section before removing the brush, or leave the brush in the section to cool off before removing. This helps to set your style
  12. Reduce damage by ensuring wet hair is never brushed. Always use a wide toothed comb after washing and also to section whilst blow drying to avoid  splitting and tearing hair

Richard Ward’s ‘Couture Hair’ is available on qvcuk.com
Direct orders can be made on 0800 50 40 30

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