Getting Your Wedding Gift List Right

You’re engaged – Congratulations!  Now the fun begins planning your big day… You’ve picked the date, booked the venue and now your attention must turn to…the GIFT LIST.  Imagine your home full of beautiful things all with memories of the family member or friend that wanted to give it to you.

Lilac Blue Weddings gives you license to think beyond the haze of toasters, cutlery and everyday crockery…Most people go into married life combining two homes rather than setting up for the first time so its more than likely you are already doubling up on many items.

Alternative Wedding gifts
Wedding Gifts By Lilac Blue Weddings

We provide more than ample choice of contemporary and unusual items for your marital haven. Things you will not already have and which will be fresh for your new life together. Here are some handy hints to help you get it just right for you and your guests; Consider the price range you want to encompass… you don’t want to make your guests feel uncomfortable when they peruse your list because everything is top end and out of their budget. Make sure there are things ranging from £15 up and then everyone will feel they can contribute to things you would like.

Whilst there is of course no limit to how many items you choose you may want to think about the guest to item ratio. As an example if you have 100 guests perhaps aim to have in the region of 70 items on your list. If you are planning to replace and improve items give some thought to a desired theme in your new home and build your list around that thus creating the feel of your rooms as you go.

Ensure there is plenty of variety in the type of items you choose. This allows your guests to feel they are selecting something personal for you, from them. Lilac Blue has a wonderful selection of experience days, which are a unique way for you to create a new memory with your partner as a treat from a loved one. There may be something you have always wanted to do but never found the time or money. Here is your opportunity. Don’t forget to include fun items that you may not consider buying for yourself. Lasting gifts become memories of your day  – think of things that will add pleasure to your marital home for years to come.Check on your list as regularly as you wish and see what is being bought and if you need to ‘top up’ with extra items. Your list can be open from as early as you wish so people can begin buying for you as soon as you direct them to it.

Let the shopping commence  – enjoy!