Create A Wearable Makeup Look Inspired by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is popular owing to her outlandish music and even more outlandish makeup. Her style is not for the faint hearted. The striking eye makes the signature style of the poker face singer. Her typical style with nude lips and simple black-lined lash lines is enough to create waves. The medium coverage concealer to cover up minor flaws and the makeup together stand out – end result clear skin. No matter what your complexion is or the color of your hair you can definitely use this look to flatter yourself.

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Lady Gaga

Things needed:
Eye primer
Champagne colored eye shadow
Nude cream eye shadow
Shadow brush
Black liquid eyeliner
Black mascara
Highlight powder
Highlighting brush

Begin by applying foundation to your skin with the tips of your fingers. Now, using your finger tips or an applicator (usually provided with your foundation), blend the foundation well. Smooth the foundation out all over your face and neck. Make sure to smooth the product gently until it disappears onto your skin giving an even tone.
With your fingertips apply the eye primer covering your eyelid completely. You can either go for the cream or the gel eye primer. The eye primer prevents the occurrence of creases and the fading of eye makeup. With the help of your smallest finger apply some primer on the lower lash line as well.

Now apply nude cream eye shadow on your entire eyelid. This serves as the base and makes the next colors stand out better.  Now using a brush apply the champagne color over the entire eyelid over the cream eye shadow.  Put some highlight powder under your eyebrows with a highlighting brush. Blend the color well by sweeping the color on gently until the color fades a little.  With a liquid black liner draw the upper lash line and the lower outer lash line neatly.

Finally finish the look with black mascara. Make sure to apply the mascara only to your upper eyelashes with an outward stoke. You should also wiggle when applying the mascara for this will prevent clumping and make your eyelashes look long.

This neutral make up is excellent for both day and evening events. You can add some bronzer to compliment your look.  This unorthodox makeup of the “Paparazzi” singer Lady Gaga is quite popular among the youngsters and many women. The beautiful bright and vibrant colors with the out-of-the-ordinary silhouette she looks amazing. The beautiful big bright eyes with wonderful make up lend her the trendy and unique look she is famous for.

Achieving the Lady Gaga-inspired look requires a lot of precision. With a number of repetitive practices you will certainly get the look of this talented singer.
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