Chateau Grand Luce Wedding Venue | Jumana & Ryan – Arabic wedding video

HD Moments London Wedding Videographer

Wedding video trailer from Chateau Grand de Luce by HD Moments. Further information can be found at Jumana and Ryan’s wedding took place at the Chateau Grand Luce in France. In fact, the location has truly become one of my favourites – it is stunning and I had an amazing time covering the ceremony. The interesting fact is that the wedding was both French and Arabic as a homage to the families of the bride and groom.


Romance rules as always!

As you can see, the pair isn’t the least bit nervous as they giggle playfully at each other, with Ryan complimenting his soon-to-be wife’s beauty. Jumana indeed looked fabulous in a flowing white gown with elaborate lacework on the sleeves. Even her veil is embellished with thick lace, which only adds to the exquisiteness. Ryan is looking handsome and dapper in a black tuxedo and matching bow tie. Since this was also an Arabic wedding, the pair changed clothes after a while. Jumana wore a peach coloured dress embroidered with flowers, along with a matching veil, while Ryan donned a cerulean blue suit. The best part is the way they kept on smiling sweetly into each other’s eyes throughout the ceremony and the rest of the video as well.

Covering the scenery

Being a chateau wedding, I wanted to cover the backdrop as much as possible without shifting focus from the couple. I decided to mix and match the shots with a few candid moments of them playfully bantering, gazing at each other’s eyes, etc. and panning over the wonderful arrangements, guests interacting, and the venue.

Guests express their happiness

Regardless of whether the ceremony should be classified as a French wedding or an Arabic one, nothing could put a damper on the excitement radiating from the guests. As you can make out, they are enthusiastically milling about the garden while waiting for the happy couple to come out. After the wedding was officiated, everyone spent a gala time eating and drinking – the food is scrumptious as you can see them enjoying it.

Finally being man and wife!

Soon it was time for Jumana and Ryan’s first dance as a couple. This moment is crucial and needs to be covered properly – the precise moment they look up into each other’s eyes is the most important factor. Luckily I was able to capture the gorgeous couple at the right moment and do justice to their love. The evening with a brilliant fireworks display – it is one of my favourite parts in the video.