Children’s Entertainment for the Wedding

The debate on whether there should be children at the wedding reception is rather long. Some people claim that it is a rude and inappropriate behaviour to exclude the younger members of the family that is on the list of wedding guests. Some insist that a wedding has to do with the family and the circle of life, and that the removal of children from weddings is inappropriate. Others say that guests may not have somewhere to leave their offspring or that they do not trust anyone to leave their children with, so it is normal that there are “little guests” at the wedding reception.

kids entertainment

On the other hand, some couples do not want children to be present at their wedding reception. The reasons for this decision may be financial, since they may try to cut costs by cutting short the guests from their wedding list, or they wish to avoid the hyperactivity, crying or fatigue of little children when the celebration begins to culminate.

If you decide that you do want the children to attend the reception party, you should make sure that you take care of the children’s entertainment for the wedding. If you do so, you can rest assured that the presence of children will not bother you, or your other guests, and that children will also have a great time during the wedding reception. And although you do not have much of a choice for babies, there are quite many options for entertaining children at weddings.

For r kids up to age 6 or 7, you can hire a tutor to employ them creatively through play. It is understood that the reception area should have the infrastructure to a utility room (play area) at a particular place where parents can make eye contact with their children from the main reception area. The educator will not only undertake the entertainment of children but will also take care of them throughout the course of the reception, making sure that they eat or wash their hands, and go to the toilet when needed.

For older children up to age 13 or 14, you can rest assured. Because they have different needs and different interests, you will need to dedicate a particular area of the reception venue where you can place popular board games appropriate for their age; this way they can have fun and spend their time beautifully on their own table. Even if the children do not know each other, due to their social nature, they will quickly become familiar with each other.

If the children coming to the reception are few and you do not want to hire a professional tutor to take care of them, a good idea for wedding children entertainment is to create a small children’s corner with a few games, puzzles, materials for painting, with comics, allowing them to spend enough time creatively, with the supervision of their parents.

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