Bridal Bouquets for Summer Weddings

Summer brides are privileged as regards the selection of the bridal bouquet. There are indeed numerous color combinations and varieties of flowers. What else can you ask for! Flowers such as calla, gardenias and hydrangeas and others more unusual to the general public, such as nigkella, will impress both you and your guests. 

White is the classic color of wedding and many brides choose this color for their bouquet as well. Some of the most popular flowers used in bridal bouquets are white: the crowner (also known as Madagascar jasmine), white Kallis (calla lily), white roses, white lilies, or the orchid. 

Bridal Bouquets for Summer Weddings
Bridal Bouquets for Summer Weddings

Some others think that summer is the ideal season for colorful bouquets, with impressive bright colors; this comes as no surprise really, since in summer the entire place is full of flowers, therefore you have a rather large selection of flowers to choose from for the bouquet. Zinnia, verbena, forget me not, carnations and Chinese marigolds are fragrant flowers and perfect for a summer bridal composition.

If your wedding takes place in summer make sure to tell your florist early for the flowers you choose since there are many weddings taking place in summer months, therefore you need to make all arrangements early, allowing the florist to order the appropriate amount of flowers as well.  

During summer, you can create a truly impressive bridal bouquet wedding by decorating it with pearls and rhinestones or adding some of the flowers to your hair or to the dress torso. Satin ribbons, lace and chiffon are popular fabrics used in the bridal bouquet as well. 

The bouquet you choose to keep on your wedding day is one of the most important aspects of your appearance. There are dozens of different styles to create the bouquet that will complement your style with numerous combinations of colors and different flowers. Before you go to your florist to discuss the form and composition you wish for your bridal bouquet, take some pictures and ideas to find the perfect combination. It would be good to keep with you a photo of your dress to show the florist, so that he has an idea of the rest of your appearance. Always keep in mind that the bouquet you choose should reflect your personality and should not be something standard or indifferent.

The bridal bouquet you choose should complement your dress perfectly, therefore if you wear a dress with simple line search for a richer bouquet, and vice versa. Try to choose local flowers as they are fresh and have not suffered from transport. They also usually come at better prices and a greater variety compared to the exotic or imported ones. 

Some tips to consider are that calla lilies and orchids make the perfect bridal bouquet for taller brides, while lilies of the valley and roses combined with smaller bouquets are more suitable for petite brides. It is also said that camellias and gardenias match satin and brocade dresses. 

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