Choosing a Modern Luxury Wedding Album


There’s no getting away from it, arranging a wedding is hard work and, when the culmination of all that coordination and organization comes together successfully in a wonderful wedding day you want that day to be memorable – not just for the immediate future, but for many years to come. What better way to commemorate a wonderful day than a collection of the best photographs taken at your wedding that have been mounted in a modern luxury wedding album?

How to choose a modern luxury wedding album though?

What exactly are you looking for that makes just a collection of pictures into a cohesive wedding album? There are lots of ways that a wedding album can be expressed nowadays, especially in this digital age when many households own a digital camera. Digitally enhanced photos can now be displayed in photo books that are designed to display photographs across a 60cm double page spread. With software programs, it is possible to create a modern luxury wedding photo album that includes more than 100 different layouts. These can incorporate a range of different backgrounds that can be organized into coffee table photo books with coverings such as quality linen or faux leather.

Custom Designed Wedding Albums

Graphistudio Wedding Albums
Graphistudio Wedding Albums

Digital photo books can be easily handcrafted, with each page custom designed to tell a story involving you and your partner as the main characters and other members of the wedding party having supporting roles, a truly contemporary wedding album with a difference. Instead of these photos being printed on paper they are produced on thick board. Traditional binding methods are employed, binding by hand to ensure particular strength and resilience. Each one of these photos can be configured in either landscape or portrait and bound into either a hardback or soft-back album made from leather, with a choice of being personalized or not.

The Wedding Photo Book is the 21st-century answer to the traditional wedding album and when put together professionally, it will keep your wedding photos pristine for many years to come. Wedding photo books come in a range of sizes, making it a great option as a gift for both sets of parents and other members of the family as a keepsake of your wedding day.

The World’s Best Wedding Album Manufacturers

Throughout the world, there are many wedding album manufacturers, but Queensberry of New Zealand are universally acknowledged as being the best in the world. The quality of their wedding albums is second to none, with each one handcrafted and laser cut to order. Each album is custom made, either utilizing your own ideas for designs or you choosing one of Queensberry’s own designs from their extensive portfolio.

Classic Tradition

There are still many people who adhere tightly to tried and tested traditions –  and, why not? Not every bride and groom support progressive ideas and much prefer the long-accepted wedding album styles that have proved so popular for so long. You can choose a modern luxury wedding album made from the softest of leather, either black or white, each containing a total of 100 photographs, each one chosen by the bride and groom. Then, of course, there is Aspinal of London whose luxury leather photograph albums come in an exquisite range of colours and designs, from romantic chic to the latest modern ideas.

However, regardless of whether the bride and groom decide on one of the more up-to-the-minute photo books or a classic photograph album, the wedding photo is certainly here to stay as a nostalgic reminder of the day they got married.