Choosing the Perfect Cake Topper

Top of the cake pops

Let’s be honest, what to have atop your cake might not fall into the top ten priorities for your wedding. But we think it’s a missed opportunity to make your cake a fabulous showstopper and your cake cutting a really fun highlight of the day. Here’s some of our favourite toppers to make your cake a brilliant centrepiece for your celebration.

Twisted trad

If you’re hankering for old school, why not throw a twist into the tale? A traditional bride and groom topper can now be found chilling on the side of your cake, dancing, or some clever artists can even create lifelike likenesses!

Choosing the Perfect Cake Topper

Modern times

We don’t need to keep harping on about how much we love metallics, but if you’ve got a modern vibe going on, opt for a topper to match. Geometric shapes and metallic would be right up your street for 2018!

Choosing the Perfect Cake Topper
IMAGE: Elena Matiash Photography

A themed slice

It’s the perfect place to continue your theme if you’ve chosen one. Boho, industrial or Disney princess, your cake needs to fit in!

Choosing the Perfect Cake Topper

Write it up

Calligraphy is a really simple and popular choice for toppers at the moment. They’re so easy to personalise – why not choose a phrase that means a lot to you as a couple?

Choosing the Perfect Cake Topper
IMAGE: Cindy Lee Photography

Fab floral

You can not go wrong with a floral topper – real or sugar crafted. It’ll seamlessly match with your décor and means you can opt for a chic, simple cake, leaving the colour and texture to the flowers.

Choosing the Perfect Cake Topper
IMAGE: Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

Personal touch

Go on, remind everyone whose wedding it is again! This is your only day to be in the limelight, and it makes a super cute keepsake.

Choosing the Perfect Cake Topper

Indulge me

If you needed an excuse to go big on luxury, your wedding has to be it. This gorgeous pearl monogram topper has Swarovski crystals inlaid and would make any cake thrillingly decadent.

Choosing the Perfect Cake Topper
IMAGE: Shell Coastal Designs on Etsy

Glam it up

Feeling exotic?! Feathers add wonderful texture and peacock feathers will give a vibrant tone to a white cake. Matched with your colour palette, feathers are such a fun choice!

Choosing the Perfect Cake Topper
IMAGE: Glam it up toppers on Etsy

All white

A white decoration means you can go to town with your choice! Elegant and refined, white decoration and topper is a classic that will never go out of fashion.

Choosing the Perfect Cake Topper
IMAGE: Pippa Mackenzie

Light up

Vintage themes are so popular, so if you’re going for a vintage vibe, why not steer away from a topper of bunting or rustic wood, and go for a neo vintage lightbulb creation instead?!

Choosing the Perfect Cake Topper
IMAGE: Mirabel Photography

Au naturel

Lots of people are going for a plain top tier, focusing on the cake as a whole being a work of art. This is a stunning option – if you’ve spent time on choosing the perfect design, don’t go chucking any old thing on top!

Choosing the Perfect Cake Topper

And finally… so many couples say they never got to taste their cake as they were so busy celebrating on their big day – so don’t forget to have the first taste! All that time deliberating over style and flavour – make sure you taste the fabulous creation! And then get someone to sneak some away for you to enjoy later…

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