Creed – historic luxury fragrance

A wedding day fragrance will evoke memories for years to come, and we adore the story behind Creed, a historic business that is still family-run today.

Creed’s history

Creed has been handcrafting bespoke fragrances for many years, producing fragrances for royal households, politicians, and those who love their scent. Supposedly founded over 250 years ago as a tailoring establishment, legend has it that James Creed sent a pair of scented leather gloves to King George III, who then commissioned the scent – Royal English Leather – a rich mix of mandarin, ambergris, and sandalwood.

Creed - historic luxury fragranceThe business has been handed down from father to son, and Creed’s sixth-generation master perfumer Olivier Creed and his son, Erwin, continue the art of Creed’s perfume making. They travel extensively, personally hunting down scents from around the world to make timeless fragrances. The elements are weighed, mixed, macerated, and filtered by hand – the tradition of the House of Creed.

Creed - historic luxury fragranceCreed’s breakthrough came in the 1980s, as their fragrance ‘Green Irish Tweed’ garnered success. And Aventus, which was released in 2010, was credited for enabling Creed to open their New York boutique.

Creed - historic luxury fragrance


The original Aventus is a cult classic, bold, spirited, and confident. With top notes of blackcurrant and Italian bergamot, blended with apples and pineapple, the woody center is complemented with notes of rose and jasmine, while a rich oakmoss base with vanilla and ambergris work in harmony to create a sophisticated scent.

Creed - historic luxury fragranceAventus For Her is opulent and sensual, fruity and floral with green apple blended with pink pepper and bergamot. A rose and sandalwood heart and a base of amber, ylang-ylang, and peach create an irresistible scent.

Creed - historic luxury fragrance

Exclusive scents

Creed is proud to create fragrances exclusively for clients that are not available to customers, using an infusion technique not used by modern fragrance makers. Sometimes these fragrances are later released to the public to experience the personalized scents created. Creed also regularly discontinues fragrances, as well as re-releasing fragrances created by previous generations of the family.

Creed - historic luxury fragrance

Wedding Creed

The fragrance will always be such a personal gift and a thoughtful one for a wedding day. Love in White, Sublime Vanille and Aventus is definitely worth a sniff.

Creed - historic luxury fragrance

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