3 Things You Need To Do Before You Start Losing Weight

Contrary to what most people believe, weight loss is not a child’s play! Even with the numerous diet plans available in the market, weight loss is still hard! Weight loss is more than just diet and exercise.

We speak to Garry Ousby so he can tell us about the three things you need to do in order to achieve your fat loss goals successfully!

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1. Be committed: You need to be serious and committed to your weight loss goal.

Following a fad diet and losing some pounds quickly is not what I call weight loss.  Real weight loss will occur only when you focus on healthy eating. When you eat raw fruits and vegetables instead of fried, junk foods, you will consume fewer calories than now! When you consume fewer calories, you’ll lose weight.

I know that it is all easier said than done. After all, I can hardly expect anyone to eat raw foods when they have thrived on junk foods for years. This is why I say that you must be committed to your weight loss goal. You will face tough times, you will feel tempted to ‘cheat’ and eat the fatty foods that used to be your friends, but if you exercise self-discipline at this period, you will successfully lose fat and become slim. That is how people have got rid of their fat tummy, and you can too!

Another major lifestyle change you need to make is that of your physical activity level. Up until now, you were probably used to a sedentary life, which is why you became overweight in the first place. Naturally, weight loss will occur only when you incorporate some activities into your life.

Exercises are good, but if you hate exercises, there are other ways to do it. You can lose weight by indulging in outdoor sports, swimming, dancing, running, etc; in
fact, any activity that makes you sweat will help you lose weight!

2. Think healthy:

Thinking healthy is as important as leading a healthy life. Think about your future: imagine yourself with the slim body that you wish to acquire. If you keep that image in mind, it will keep you motivated and instill enough self-confidence in you to enable you to carry on with your weight loss efforts. On the contrary, if you always imagine yourself as fat and ugly in your subconscious, that is what you will become anyway!

3. Focus on diet programs which not only help you lose weight but even keep it off:

Weight loss is one thing, but keeping the pounds off for the rest of your life is a different game altogether. I can tell you about several of my friends who, lost weight successfully, failed to maintain that slim figure for long enough!

It is easy to go back to your old lifestyle habits once you lose weight, since you think that you won’t gain any more weight. However, that is totally wrong. Every
time you eat junk foods, you WILL gain weight. That is why it is important to find a weight loss program that not only offers you tips and advice on weight loss but
weight maintenance as well!

Why not seek the advice of a fitness professional, after all that is what you would do if your car needed fixing, or would you get out a manual and roll your sleeves
up. No you wouldn’t, you would take it to someone who fixes cars for a living and hand him the responsibility. Make sure you are both singing from the same hymn book and have the same goals. Look for some kind of evidence that they can deliver what they claim and what you desire. Once you have made your choice in fitness professional it comes back to that word discipline and let’s add in commitment as well. In my experience those two are the key to success in most things in life, good luck!

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