How To Create White Teeth For Your Wedding Day

I was so excited when my packet of Crest Teeth Whitening strips arrived in the post.  I have tried many whitening products before but none of them has really given me the results I wanted.

The Crest strips are formulated using ingredients that are safe for your teeth.  I found the strips quite easy to use and the product twice a day by sticking both upper and lower strips to my corresponding teeth.

The strips stuck well to my teeth, they did come off a few teeth, however, this is not a problem if you stick them again.  I managed to leave them on for just 30 minutes before removing them.

Crest Teeth Whitening Strips

I would certainly recommend you give them a try before your wedding day, they are a  great way to help whiten your teeth by removing surface stains. Just think of your wedding photographs!

Do let me know if you have used them before, we would love to hear if they have worked for you as well.

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