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Finding the perfect wedding dress.


I am so thrilled that Caroline Burstein, creative Director for Browns Bride was able to give me a few minutes of her time to answer some of my questions for all you brides to be.

1. How should a bride go about finding the perfect wedding dress?

A bride should begin by having a wedding date and venue fairly set in mind, so she knows for what atmosphere and location she is dressing. Dressing for a beach wedding in August is very distinct from dressing for afternoon tea at Claridges in December for example. She should then look at websites and magazines for ideas but remain open minded for when she actually begins trying dresses on. She should take one or two people maximum to view dresses with, and try and find people who will tell her what they like for her and not what they like for themselves (easier said than done!) Above all, try a variety of shapes before narrowing down what you feel your best in.

2. What is currently fashionable in bridal gowns?

Full, statement gowns are very popular once again, but with a bit of a twist. Brides do not so much seek traditional, standard bridal gowns, they want something unique amongst their friendship group, something that will get their guests talking. In times of economic difficulty, rides want to feel and show off the value of the dress, and they have to look every penny.

3. What is one of your best selling bridal gown at the moment?

Oscar de la Renta is a very popular designer for us at the moment, because of his fantastic cut, and fashionable twist. As soon as a bride puts on an Oscar gown she knows she is wearing something very special so all of his gowns are very popular. Monique Lhuillier remains very popular too with her wonderful use of lace. Short dresses are also making a comeback, and we have some fabulous pieces on the store from Rebecca Street, perfect for city weddings.

1 Dolce 677x1024 1 - Finding the perfect wedding dress.
Monique Lhuillier

4. Are there any classic rules for choosing a dress?

Stay true to your personality – you still have to look like you on your day! Don’t be tempted to follow what other people might insist on for you, your husband will want to recognize you on the day!

2 682x1024 1 - Finding the perfect wedding dress.
Oscar de la Renta

5. Are there any classic mistakes that you can pin point?

Getting too many opinions on your dress. You cannot please all of the people all of the time, as long as you feel fantastic and the dress fits well, you will look your most stunning on the day, and your sister-in-law is not going to be whispering about how she preferred you in the fishtail gown.

6. What is, or was the most beautiful wedding dress ever?

This is a hard one! Each season we receive new and breathtaking dresses. Our wedding dresses are all gorgeous; it is the right girl wearing them that makes each and everyone THE most beautiful ever!

7. How far in advance should brides choose their wedding dress?

We recommend you start looking 12 months before the big day, and buy your dress as soon as you feel you have found the one. 9 – 12 months before the wedding to buy is ideal to allow time for fittings and delivery. However we do try to keep some stock in some styles for that’ last minute’ bride.

14 Sunday Rose 725x1024 - Finding the perfect wedding dress.

14 Sunday Rose 725x1024 1 - Finding the perfect wedding dress.

Monique Lhuillier

8. So what is next for Browns Bride?

We have some exciting new designers launching in the next 6 months, and continually strive to provide fantastically cut, beautifully designed, luxury wedding dresses.

21 682x1024 - Finding the perfect wedding dress.

Oscar de la Renta
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