Dolce Vita Collection By Galia Lahav

Today we share with you an amazingly beautiful collection from Galia Lahav’s new collection called Dolce Vita.

La Dolce Vita is about a love story taking place on the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

Galia Lahav

With a bride as captivating as ours, LDV is a full collection representing a new generation of brides.

Galia Lahav Wedding Dresses

With iridescent beads lavishly decorating the body, we are defying a new era while altering the traditional gown.

Galia Lahav

This collection is inspired by open skies and the unison of two.

Galia Lahav

Through textures of vintage sun-kissed lace and endless ivory trains, there are many unique layering of textures, colors and fabrics taking place to illustrate the love story behind the dress.

Galia Lahav

Inspired by the sea, sand and mountains of Positano, we give you old time romance and modern day silhouettes.

Galia Lahav Luxury Gowns