For the Elizabeth Stuart 2016 collection, brides will find the personification of a woman’s inner strength and individuality juxtaposed to her grace and sensuality.

Elizabeth Stuart 2016 Bridal Collection

Unique to only women….being able to hold such power, while possessing the ability to bring a soft light to a moment in time that lasts forever in the hearts and minds of those that cannot help but love them.

Elizabeth Stuart 2016

Through the use of beautiful Chantilly lace and luxurious silk georgette, the pieces offer beautiful movement and details that highlight the feminine curves of the bride.

Elizabeth Stuart Bridal Collection

These softer gowns are coupled with more tailored pieces, constructed with beautifully textured fabrics that offer powerful structured silhouettes for the bride.

Elizabeth Stuart Bridal 2016

This collection is the embodiment of the alluring qualities that make women who they are, with their ability to possess amazing strength and combine it with mesmerising beauty and grace.

Elizabeth Stuart Bridal 2016

It’s these charming traits that captivated the groom from the moment that they met, and one of the many reasons why he falls deeper in love with his beautiful bride with every passing day.

Elizabeth Stuart 2016

  • Photography by Jessica Whithey
  • Make-up by Pamela and Andrea
  • Hair by Claire Nicole
  • Flowers by Amie Bone Flowers
  • Heels by Benjamin Adams Londo

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