How to Start Planning the Wedding

Organising a wedding can be a very stressful procedure, especially if you are doing everything on your own. However, taking a step at a time will help you deal with all the difficulties and obstacles you will find in your way. Here is a good piece of advice you will need to consider on how to Start Planning the Wedding of your dreams.


The key ingredients for a successful wedding event are happy people, warm smiles and sincere words. What matters, then, is to enjoy that day and the ceremony as much as possible, without being concerned about how much everything cost. Besides, the most important thing that may eventually stay in your memory from that day, apart from videos and photos with nice clothes and pieces of jewellery, is the joy of sharing your life with the person you have chosen.

Let’s start with a basic theory then! First, you need to set a money limit, a budget for your wedding that you are able to gather to cover its costs and based on this limit, you will make your choices. That should not work vice versa! Your wedding will be beautiful if you organise it properly, whether done in the king’s palace or in the garden of your house. The challenge is to be able to bear its own costs!

Then, you need to put priorities! Prepare a list of the most important things that you want for your wedding. So you decide where to spend your money and how to distribute them properly, without making bad choices. Try to avoid borrowing money from someone and stay in budget, because you do not need additional burdens after the wedding is over. Determine your budget. Add 25%. Be prepared that you will surely exceed the original budget, and at the last time some emergency expenses may also arise.

Find a person who will assist you in planning. When the parents of the bride and groom’s parents plan their wedding, it is certain that problems arise. Assign this role to a good friend who will be the person who will help you and who will be able to provide you with plausible solutions or suggestions when you are feeling stressed or in trouble.

When planning your wedding, you need to remember the following phrase: “I will not be able to please them all”. It will help you better go and enjoy your wedding. Remember that this is your wedding and you two should have the last word on decisions. You do not have to wear something blue to honour your grandmother. You do not have to have tulips in your bouquet because it is the favourite flower of your mother. You do not have to serve steak because that is what your father wants to eat. This is your wedding and you want to remember with nostalgia, so organise it as you want.

Check out online wedding websites and write down things that seem interesting and meet your requirements and needs. And keep in mind that you will need to take care of yourself and your fitness levels, so as to make sure that you can endure the process and wear anything you might like. If you find yourself in trouble, you can always check 5 Star Wedding Directory and get all the information you might need.