Elizabeth Stuart – Future Meets Fairytale

Elizabeth Stuart: Launching her latest bridal collection and a new White Label collection at White Gallery London Elizabeth Stuart’s designs are, “Of creative vision where future meets fairy-tale and falls in love”.


Elizabeth Stuart Bride has taken the next step into a world of the most exquisite of bridal designs by bringing together her extraordinary vision and her search for and discovery of the most beautiful, most luminescent, and most luxurious of fabrics, with craftsmanship of the highest integrity, for her Fall 2012 Collection.

Romance, radiance, and light are brought together with remarkable expertise and have never felt so wondrous or looked so breath-taking.

Inspired by the classic beauty and perfection of ballerinas, with smooth graceful lines that accentuate the neck, shoulders and waist, designs are flowing with enchanting harmony into shimmering skirts of endless meters of luxuriant fabric, illuminating and reflecting light with every beautiful graceful movement, and like a ballerina, amazingly light and airy. The Fall 2012 Collection epitomizes the poise, elegance, and sophistication of confident contemporary brides of distinction.

Designs of innovation and meticulous attention to detail, with celestial dimension, of auroral opulence, have produced creations of art in design taking brides to an all new level, for Fall 2012, where they all wish to be on their wedding day; on top of the world, on a cloud of silk, with an infinite silver lining. Such is the ideology at Elizabeth Stuart Bride.

In addition to the Fall 2012 Collection, White Gallery London will see the launch of Elizabeth Stuart White Label Collection – a new range of designs inspired by clean lines for the sophisticated bride featuring luxurious fabrics with touches of lace.

“The White Gallery is a beautiful event that takes a special interest in the success of not only their participating exhibitors but the valued clients that visit each year. We certainly have received an incalculable amount of support from the team at White Gallery, as well as the press partners that work closely with the event, to ensure it maintains the high standards we have grown to trust and value” comments Elizabeth Stuart.