How to involve your dog on your wedding

5 Star Weddings finds out how to involve your dog in your big day.Dogs are, of course, man’s best friend and are a much-loved member of your family. But what if you wanted your canine companion at your wedding? The most important day of your life should include your nearest and dearest and, if that includes your furry friend, then so be it.

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With wedding season upon us, wedding planner and self-confessed dog lover, Ailish McDonnell of Keep Calm and Marry On offers her knowledge to help you decide how to involve your pooch on your big day.

Ailish explains: In the world of live television, working with animals and children is generally considered a general no-no. Similarly, when planning an important event such as a wedding, it is important to take extra care with planning to avoid any potential mishaps or problems on the day.

1. Temperament is a major consideration if you’re thinking of involving you dog in your wedding day. Many dogs don’t like big crowds and if you are planning a large wedding you should therefore be extremely mindful of how comfortable your dog will feel being centre stage. However, if your faithful friend enjoys being the star turn then don’t allow your guests to bring their canine companions. This ensures your dog steals the show without any threat of competition!

2. Let your dog join in the dress up fun with some special accessories or even their own outfit. If you really want to go to town, then why not go for a doggy wedding dress or a doggy tux. For the latest in dog news, dog fashion and popular pooch culture, check out

3. Always keep dogs on a leash however well trained they may be. Just like some humans, the excitement of a wedding can be overwhelming for dogs and they may behave out of character with so much going on around them.

4. Remember your dog is a guest and needs to be fed and watered like everyone else. Ensure you have water bowls in appropriate areas – where nobody can trip over them – and plenty of snacks on hand.

5. After the ceremony, during the cocktail hour/champagne reception, let your dog walker take responsibility, so you can relax and enjoy your wedding breakfast. Moreover, whilst you may be quite happy to eat alongside your pooch, some of your guests may rather not share your views.

6. To ensure you are able to enjoy your wedding day and spend as much time with guests, family and friends who you may not see that often, it’s a wise move to spend a bit of money on a dog walker/nanny on the day, to ensure you are not there fretting about the wellbeing of your pet.

7. Your dog must be with someone they trust and be familiar with your ceremony venue. Let him/her have a good walk around in plenty of time leading up to your big day, so the sights and smells don’t come as a major shock and cause your pet to become nervous or frightened.

8. When it comes to the party and you are throwing some shapes on the dance floor, your dog should be tucked up in bed so they are not in any danger themselves or a potential hazard to others under the disco lights, where visibility can be limited and a wandering dog could be a potential hazard.

9. And one thing you must remember is that alcohol + doggies = A big NO, NO!

10. And remember the best-laid plans can go awry, especially when it comes to animals and children, so it’s always advisable to have a Plan B. As long as you are realistic with your demands for your day, try not to be a diva expecting your dog to behave like an adult. Then if things don’t go to plan your sense of humour will see you through any canine hijinx!

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