Wedding Gift Boxes For The Ethical Bride & Groom

Would you like to add something different on your wedding list? Do you like the idea of receiving an ethical gift that you and your husband can invest in together?

Shared Interest, the world’s only 100% fair trade lender, has launched its wedding gift box, so that friends and family can gift the bride and groom with their own account that will help fair trade business in the developing world.

Started in 1990, Shared Interest is a unique organisation that aims to provide fair and just financial services that enable fair trade farmers and artisans to create sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their communities.

bride and groom

In working with Shared Interest, UK residents are doing amazing things like helping Peruvian farmers transform former mining areas into thriving coffee-yielding communities and enabling Kenyan soapstone producers to carve their own living – quite literally.

A Shared Interest account can now be opened on behalf of friends and family with a minimum investment of £100.00. Once active the account holder can invest further funds up to the account maximum of £20,000.

Withdrawals can be made by post whenever the recipients want and they will receive regular statements detailing their transactions as well as regular updates on the producer groups that their funds are helping.

The gift box itself tells the story of Shared Interest and comes with a card from handmade card producers, Cards from Africa. The cards are handmade in Rwanda using recycled paper from local office waste.

All cards are handcrafted by young people who have lost their parents to conflict or disease. The sale of the cards empowers these young people to provide education, food and shelter for their brothers and sisters.