Exclusive Top Tips From Celebrity Wedding Planner Mark Niemierko

Celebrity wedding planner, Mark Niemierko, gives his exclusive tips on the little touches to make any wedding a dream.

It is the small details that distinguish your wedding day, and ensure that all the precious moments are all the more memorable. Parker has exclusively collaborated with celebrity wedding planner, Mark Niemierko, to disclose his expertise on the little touches he considers that ensure his weddings are truly exceptional.

“I encourage Niemierko couples to consider all the details.  There isn’t a single element of their day that doesn’t have personal meaning, or effortlessly reflects their tastes and personalities.” Mark Niemierko, celebrity wedding planner.

Mark Niemierko, who has planned weddings for a wealth of A-list celebrities including James Cordon, and high society who’ve had royalty in attendance such as HRH Prince Harry, says, “For any couple, the mounting pressure of planning a wedding, with an overwhelming number of items to tick off before the big day, can mean that details are easily forgotten or decided on in a rush that may be regretted later. I encourage couples to consider all the details, for example, picking an elegant and stylish pen for guests to record their memories of the day in the guest book. There shouldn’t be a part of the couple’s day that doesn’t have personal meaning or reflects their taste. It’s when all the tiny details come together that a wonderful wedding becomes a truly unique and momentous occasion.”

Parker Ingenuity Premium Fountain Pen
Parker Ingenuity Premium Fountain Pen

Mark Niemierko reveals his expert touches for making the special day unforgettable:

  1. Sign your wedding registry with style. Use a classic fine writing pen – perhaps belonging to your father acting as your ‘something borrowed’- or an elegant fountain pen, like the Parker Sonnet, that you have specially purchased to then keep as a treasured memento of your day. The smoothness of writing with such a pen will only elevate this unforgettable moment.
  2. Add a luxurious and personal stamp by sending your wedding invitations out with a Parker pen to each guest with a blank RSVP card for them to confirm their attendance in the form of a personalised note – rather than just having a box to tick will make a memorable difference, and something to hold onto long after the wedding day has passed.
  3. Know the traditions but break them – you are getting married that’s tradition enough.  Your wedding needs to effortlessly be your own, so don’t follow peer pressure or Pinterest too much!
  4. Gift his and hers presents on each guest’s place setting – what could be more charming and personal than a beautiful pen to cherish forever.
  5. Guests are the most important ingredient at a wedding. Ensuring that their welcome is charming, there are no queues at the bar, and service at their table is efficient and smart will guarantee that your guests will remember your wedding day.
  6. All guests staying in one hotel?  Typically upon check in most hotels arrange a welcome gift, such as chocolates and so on.  Why not have bespoke ribbon made with your monogram or names and tie it around the chocolates – making it look like a gift from you.  Add a personal hand-written note for that extra special touch.
  7. The entrance to your reception should ideally have a welcoming array of flower displays to wow your guests on arrival.  But why not elevate this by dressing two waiters according to your wedding theme (such as white tie and tails) to be on either side of the entrance – obviously holding a tray of champagne flutes.
  8. If in doubt a slate tile with perfectly lined macaroons is an easy way to add colour and wow for a wedding.
  9. There’s such a build up to the cutting of the cake, often leading to an anti-climax with the event itself. Either cut it subtly without fuss, or make a performance of it.
  10. Celebrate the photo booth to add that extra bit of fun to your day.  Print two copies of the photos for your guests to take away one copy, and keep the other to stick into a leather bound book for your guests to write a note by the side of their picture.  Add an array of Parker Pens to this area of your wedding to ensure it’s got your personal touch.
  11. Just one mood board in your planning stages isn’t enough.  Think of your wedding as a theatre production by planning it in acts.  The dream wedding has act 1: your ceremony, act 2: your drinks reception, act 3: dinner, and finally act 4: dancing in a cool after party space.  Go one step further and brake the day up further – let pudding have its own mood board! By planning your wedding in stages it makes the process easier by considering all the senses throughout, keeping in mind what your guests are hearing, tasting, feeling and looking at throughout your special day.
  12. Use the flowers that lined your ceremony to decorate your reception hall during the drinks reception. It’s practical, and elegantly keeps the look and feel consistent.
  13. Dress your guest book area with class by having a selection of pens with different inks to allow your guest to add their touch of individuality.
  14. Gift those hard working ushers, who managed and directed your guests at your wedding ceremony, with a personalised Parker pen, making a practical but also thoughtful present.
  15. In today’s digitalised world, there is hardly anything that conveys more emotion and thought than a handwritten note to say thank you to everyone who made your day so spectacular
Sonnet Premium Metal and Pearl Fountain Pen
Sonnet Premium Metal and Pearl Fountain Pen

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