Festive Wedding Bouquets

Festive Wedding Bouquets

If living in the UK and in London in particular, there are so many companies to choose beautiful and fresh Christmas flowers from. Always good to have numerous options to buy beautiful flowers from a website online, if living in the UK and looking for some flower shops. Do not hesitate to surprise your family members by sending them blossoms to cheer up their holidays. Most of these flower delivery companies offer contactless, same-day flower delivery when you order flowers online. For more information click here. Keep in mind that they might be overly stuffed with orders, so make sure to plan your orders in advance, if you wish to send your blossoms on Christmas day.

If you have not come upon a decision which might be the main colours and flowers you want for your Christmas flower arrangements, or the one you wish to make yourself, keep reading. Below you will find listed the best types of flowers for making Christmas flower arrangements.

Red flowers

It has always been an important question which flowers to send to the people you love. The most popular ones you can order and get them delivered to your door are bouquets with red flowers in them. There are many combinations and arrangements you can choose from, but the most popular ones you would wish to have in your bouquet for Christmas should be:

  • Red roses;
  • Red gypsophila;
  • Red carnations;
  • Red hypericum;
  • Poinsettia flower (Christmas star);
Festive Wedding Bouquets
Festive Wedding Bouquets

You can choose combinations of some of them. Those red flowers will most likely be combined with some greenery and/or white flowers. Make up your own choice. If living in London there is a popular online flower shop for beautiful bouquets in West London that you can visit online and order your flowers.

White flowers

White flowers are a well-presented combination with red flowers, as mentioned above. Such is Santa Clause’s coat and dressing costume. What types of white flowers would you include in a Christmas bouquet? You do not know? It is well-advised to choose some of the following most popular white ones:

  • White roses;
  • White gypsophila;
  • White germinis;
  • White lilies;
  • Daisies;

When choosing the flower arrangement for your Christmas bouquet you want, it is a good idea to buy and send your bouquet with a vase included and a small complimentary gift alongside the blossoms. If shopping from an online flower retailer you can choose to add some gifts such as chocolates, teddy bears, cards, balloons or just a good brand of red wine might do the work. Do not forget to check your flower delivery options and don’t miss out on a next day delivery as the one Handy Flowers offers.

Festive Wedding Bouquets
Festive Wedding Bouquets

Visit their website for more information and click here.


Do not mistake them with green flowers! Adding more green decorations or the so-called “Greenery” can spice up the nature of these beautiful Christmas flower decorations. Greenery is ordinarily used for those finishing touches you are looking for. Green is also one of the main Christmas colors alongside the other two, mentioned above. When reading what your bouquet of flowers consists, you should always add one or two of the following, if missing:

  • Pine branches;
  • Palm leaves;
  • Salal leaves;
  • Aspidistra leaves;

They all depend on the white or red flowers you choose for your Christmas bouquet.

Festive Wedding Bouquets
Festive Wedding Bouquets

There are many more options including other types of Greenery you can pick up from the flower shop where you are choosing your decorations from. Do not hesitate to just visit an online shop and order a beautiful and already decorated bouquet or send them a preference message. It will save you time, money and effort or the risk of not being able to make your own bouquet for Christmas.

REMEMBER: Always include a piece of Cinnamon sticks. They are one of the most popular Christmas symbols and decorations alongside dried oranges. And there you have it – the best and most beautiful surprise for Christmas with no more than 5 clicks of your mouse.

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