How to Create a Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

How to Create a Fairy Tale Wedding Theme – When it comes to your wedding you want everything to be perfect for that special day.

The planning of the wedding can be a tedious and crazy time for anyone but when you are looking to create fairytale weddings there are many ideas that you can choose from. Everything from the dress to the way that the guests are dressed can make for a fun, exciting and thrilling day for the bride and groom.

Cinderella - How to Create a Fairy Tale Wedding Theme
Cinderella – How to Create a Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

To start your fairy tale wedding theme, the bride to be should decide which type of theme they would like to go with. Perhaps they are looking at more of a Cinderella mode or Sleeping Beauty. The type and style of dress can start things off and help to make the decisions on the decor and how the set up is going to be. Of course, colors need to be chosen in order to set the scene. There are many styles of dresses that the bride can choose from. You can find them designed and tailored after Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and even Belle from Beauty and the Beast. All brides are the princess for a day.

The veil of the dress is usually floor length and can even be longer. The hairstyle should be formal, up and have plenty of ringlets which drips romance. Naturally, the shoes should sparkle and also have a strap. For the bride that wants the complete look, add gloves that come past the elbow.

Remembering that you are trying to create a fairytale, the dresses for the bridesmaids must also take consideration. Generally, there is a little pink somewhere in the dress and a simple strand of pearls to finish up. The groom will look stunning in a white tux along with his groomsmen. Yes, black is traditional but when you are going for the fairytale princes’s theme it can go along way in keeping with the mood.


Choosing the invitations may seem like a small part of the plan but it adds to the creation of the theme. Picking something that is elegant such as letterpress is a great choice or you could always go with a traditional pocket fold. Write something magical for the invite to give your guests an idea of what to expect.

Setting the scene for the wedding itself require draping on the pews (if in a church), rose petals down the aisle, flowers everywhere and of course the perfect colour, usually some kind of pink. Once the vows are taken everyone will move to the reception and this is where the decorating starts to become tedious.

Many receptions are held in a ballroom type setting and the decor you will have is going to be the finishing to your decorations. You want to go for vases and settings that are large and tall. There is also a lot of draping that needs to be done. The tables and walls should all be draped. If possible, have curtains that speak of royalty as well.

Place plenty of silver for the setting such as a candelabra on each table and the plates for the cake and food as well. The decorations can also include ice sculptures that speak of a fairytale land such as swans and castles. There can even be bouquets placed around as well to add that special touch. And don’t forget about the sign in book for the reception. Pick one that is designed a storybook or fairytale design for that final touch.

There are many other ideas that you can add to the wedding to turn it into a fairytale. Perhaps the bride can arrive in a carriage if the weather is just right, the cake, of course, should be adorned with roses, rose petals spread out on the floor down the aisle as the bride to walk to her prince charming and you cannot forget the first dance. Choose something romantic such as a waltz.

With a little imagination, the perfect fairytale wedding can come to life and the bride and groom will be the centre of attention. Even if you want to go with an elf and fairy theme, you could ask the guests to dress accordingly. Let your imagination run wild and dreams will come true.